It is again time for a new update of PUBG Mobile to hit the servers. The 0.19.0 update along with Royale Pass season 14 is going to be here in July. In this article, we would reveal some of the new features that are going to be part of the patch.

1 – M416 skin

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New skin for the M416

PUBG Mobile would release a new M416 skin named “Dazzling Youth” as part of the Royale Pass season 14. It would unlock when you reach rank 90. With M416 being one of the most powerful and popular weapons in PUBG Mobile, this Royale pass is definitely a must buy. The skin is also silver and white, which are suitable colors to blend into the environments.

2 – New Badges

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Ace badge for rank tiers

The new Ace Badge feature would be a part of the 0.19.0 update. The purpose of the badge is to record the total number of times a player managed to reach a certain tier. The feature would be activated automatically when a player reaches Diamond. The badge would be automatically upgraded as the player progress to Ace. It would be a permanent feature throughout multiple seasons – if you managed to reach Ace multiple times, the badge count in the player profile would increase.

3 – New Guncraft Weapons

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DP 28 custom

Looks like PUBG Mobile is going to expand the Guncraft feature even further, based on players’ general opinion. Currently, only the S12K and Scar-L are available to be crafted in the shop – in the next update, the Vector and DP-28 would be added to the list for players to tinker with.

Guncraft is one of the most appreciated new features in PUBG Mobile as of late. By using it, players can add multiple stickers and new colors to their guns, creating custom skins.

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