Season 13 of PUBG Mobile is going to end on July 12, 2020 and the next season, 14, would hit the live server 2 days later on July 14. It would bring a lot of exclusive new rewards such as gun skins, outfits, vehicle skins, etc.

These two characters are bitter rivals who never hesitate to shoot each other in the back

While the official patch note containing the list of additions is not released yet, data miners have managed to leak out the trailer for PUBG Mobile’s season 14 Royale Pass. The trailer has given fans a closer look into the Royale Pass and the rewards that are going to come with it. In this article, we would list out all the related leaked details.

1 – M416 Gun Skin

Another skin for the M416, the most commonly used weapon in the game. You can buy it for 90 RP – the name of the skin is Dazzling Youth. The purple color is designed to go with the Avian Tyrant outfit as a set.

The Avian Tyrant Set holding the Dazzling Youth M416

2 – Dacia and UAZ new Skins

The skins for the Dacia and UAZ - The Avian Tyrant is driving the latter while the Red commander is using the former

The two best vehicles in PUBG Mobile get 1 new skin each. The UAZ would get a new military camo look while the Dacia is decorated with a dusky red outline. These two skins are more or less inspired by Mad Max, both the movies and games.

3 – 100 RP outfits

These new 100 RP outfits in season 14 are Red Commander Set and Avian Tyrant Set. They are based on two opposite themes, military and anarchy.

The 0.19.0 update which this Royale Pass is going to be paired with is going to be released on July 7. For more information about the upcoming Livik map update, please check out this article.