Magazine size is one of the most important things about a weapon in both real life and video games - and Free Fire is not an exception. Having a high magazine in Free Fire is an advantage - you would not have to reload as often, and reload in the middle of combat is pretty much a death sentence. In the following article, we would list out the top five weapons with the highest magazine size.

5 - Heatgun

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The heat gun is probably the most advanced weapon in Free Fire

This is probably the most special weapon in Free Fire, as the Heatgun does not use ammo. You can fire as much as you want until the gun overheats after 30 bullets. While it can be said that the Heatgun has only 30 bullets if it was using a normal magazine, it technically has infinite ammo. This qualifies the gun for the honorable mention slot, number 5 on this list.

4 - P90

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The "spammer" P90

The "spammer gun" of Free Fire - the P90 comes with the highest magazine size out of all SMG, with an equally high fire rate. If you are accurate in your sprays, you would be able to deal a lot of damage to your targets, especially in close to middle range. While the P90 has pretty high vertical recoil, it is actually really manageable, as the horizontal recoil is rather low. You would be able to increase accuracy by just dragging the crosshair down.

3 - M60

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The M60 and its Bipod

This is the standard Light Machine Gun in Free Fire  - the M60 comes with a massive magazine of 60, with decent all-around stats for a drawback of recoil, mobility, and reload time. Overall, the M60 is not nearly that good in practice, as it is just so-so at everything without excelling at anything, and its drawback of lower accuracy is just the cherry on top. Just use the normal AR.

2 - M249

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The M249 is super deadly in the right hands

Another LMG on this list - the M249 is about the same as the M60, except that all of its stats are higher - enough to make the gun actually useful. The worse part of the M249 is actually its rarity, however, as the thing can only be found in supply drops.

1 - Gatling Gun

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The Gatling is usable in special modes

Only available in special mode "Spray and Pray", the Gatling is an absolute monster of a gun, with a magazine of 1200, extreme rate of fire and accuracy - in exchange for your mobility to be greatly reduced. While the Gatling would never be added into the game, it is technically the gun with the highest magazine in Free Fire.

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