While Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are great battle royales, sometimes people just want to try new things instead of playing the same game over and over. In this article, we would list out some of the most underrated games that are similar to Free Fire. The main objectives in these games are just the same: you land on an island, loot weapons, gears and fight other people to become the last man standing. All these games are similar to Free Fire in this aspect: they all have lower system requirements than PUBG Mobile.

5 – Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds

Google Play Page

Screen 18
Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds gameplay

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds is a Minecraft-style battle royale that literally copied PUBG’s gameplay and transformed it into a pixel/Minecraft style graphics. Pixel is simplified enough and can be run on pretty any devices – it is also pretty colorful, you can even let your kids have their first taste of a battle royale in this game.

Screen 3
Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds gameplay

4 – ZombsRoyale.io

Google Play Page

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Another twist to the battle royale genre – ZombRoyale is a 100 players, 2D battle royale that can even be played on the browser. Overall, ZombRoyale has deviated wholly from the normal shooter genre – it is now a full shoot-em-up game. Besides the usual battle royale, there are various other arcade modes: a zombie mode, which is the usual battle royale, but with hordes of zombies roaming around; a 50 vs 50 mode, in which massive army clashes… and more.

A very unique 2D battle royale.... with zombies

3 – Knives Out

Google Play Page

Knives Out Banner

Knives Out is pretty much a PUBG/Fortnite battle royale clone, with the only twist being the squad size being 5. There is no solo mode – everything would be balanced around team play. Overall, the game has pretty decent graphics and gameplay mechanic, with some extra modes that PUBG Mobile doesn’t have like Sniper Battle And 50 vs 50. You need good internet to play this, however, as there’s only one server in India.

Photo 0 152523023039389123934
Knives out's gameplay is based on team combats

2 – Creative Destruction

Google Play Page

Maxresdefault 1
Creative Destruction is a Fortnite clone with lower graphics

If you are interested in Fortnite’s gameplay but don’t want to play it, Creative Destruction is probably your best bet. It is the best Fortnite clone on mobile currently, with resource gathering, building, weather system, and more. The two things that this game did better than Fortnite is probably the monetary system  (you don’t have to spend real money to buy skins) and the graphics (its less demanding than Fortnite).

Screenshot Creative Destruction 14185
This game is literally Fortnite but even more cartoony

1 – Rules of Survival

Google Play Page

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The first battle royale with a 300 players mode

Rules of Survival is probably the most popular title on this list – with almost 300 million downloads ever since its release. The usual battle royale gameplay is bolstered with some of the best graphics available on mobile. The last unique aspect is probably the battle size – there are 120 players on the map instead of 100, which means fights would be more dangerous than ever. If you are bored with the usual Free Fire gameplay, this is definitely worth your time.

Rules Of Survival Screenshot Gameplay
Rules of Survival actually look pretty good

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