The Battle Royale title by Garena keeps adding new features and gameplay mechanics to satisfy the players. This has allowed Free Fire to become one the most popular games in the Battle Royale genre.

Not only are new things added by Garena often to give the game a breath of fresh air, but existing features have also undergone many changes. One of those features is the vehicles, including the pick-up truck (which is commonly referred to as the blue car) has been updated in terms of more detailed graphics.

Of course, knowing about how the vehicles work is one thing, but do you know the tips for driving effectively and safely in Free Fire? Check out these 4 simple and easy-to-remember tips that would greatly increase your chances of survival when driving and getting vehicle kills:

4 Quick Tips to Help You Drive Better In Free Fire

Have Decent Skills Before Choosing to be a Driver

Not only skills using weapons are needed to play Free Fire, but the ability to use a vehicle well is very much useful, so that you don't get misdirected and even hit something you don't want to hit. In addition, having great driving chops can make it easier for you to add kills.

Free Fire 4 Vehicles Tips

Usually a squad that chooses to use a vehicle with a good driver to get them around is a much more coherent squad with good tactics and fighting spirits.

Wield Weapons When Driving

Many of the players don't know this one tip. When riding a vehicle, you need to be wielding a weapon first. It is so that when you see an enemy or approach an enemy, you can immediately start shooting quickly.

Free Fire 4 Vehicles Tips

Have Gloo Grenades With You

As we all know, the Gloo Wall plays a pretty big role in determining whether you will get your Booyah. Putting up a decent Gloo Wall will make it easier to avoid enemy shots.

Free Fire 4 Vehicles Tips

Likewise, when driving, try to have put a Gloo Wall on it So that when you meet enemies at close range or the vehicles are damaged in open areas, you can have a fortress of protection.

Pay Attention When Driving Like in Real Life

The last tip that is no less important is that you need to pay attention to your surroundings. By concentrating on your surroundings, you can easily find enemies or look for a safe area to drop off when the vehicle is damaged by enemy fire.

Free Fire 4 Vehicles Tips

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