Free Fire is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this week, and a lot of updates and changes have been made since the beginning. As we know, Garena frequently updates to improve the gameplay experience of players. One of the most anticipated interesting changes since the game came out was the introduction of the Free Fire Elite Pass.

With a unique theme for each season, the Elite Pass is eagerly awaited by players every month. Apart from the paid Elite Pass, there is also a Pass that Garena gives out for free even though the prizes given are not as hefty and unique as the purchased version.

And since the first Elite Pass was introduced, 27 Elite Passes have been released so far. We will take a look back at the first 5 Elite Passes which would probably give you some nostalgia for the early days of Free Fire:

The First 5 Elite Passes in Free Fire

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 1 - Kitsune

This was the first Elite Pass introduced by Garena to the game, making this bundle a bit of a dream for today's players. With a Japanese theme, the bundle included in this Elite Pass is a safe option, with an interesting color combination.

Free Fire Elite Pass First 5 Elite Passes

This Elite Pass was released in mid-2018 and is now considered a legendary bundle in players' collection.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 2 - Hip Hop

Elite Pass Season 2 was released in 2018. Unlike the first, this Elite Pass features a hip hop theme that differs quite significantly but is still very nice to have.

Free Fire Elite Pass First 5 Elite Passes

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 3 - Doomsday Madness

For this Elite Pass Season 3, Garena introduces a bundle featuring some pretty interesting Mad Max-style apocalyptic outfits with a lot of the brown leather worn by bikers. Apart from the bundle, you also get a Bat to go with the Elite Pass.

Free Fire Elite Pass First 5 Elite Passes

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 4 - Royal Revelry

With a royal theme, this Elite Pass Season 4 makes another significant departure from all the previous Passes. Released at the end of 2018, the players were given the opportunity to dress their characters like kings and queens, along with a crown that looks charming and fancy.

Free Fire Elite Pass First 5 Elite Passes

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 5 - Pirates Legend

The pirate theme is the main theme introduced in this Elite Pass Season 5. In this bundle, there are multiple pirate-inspired items such as hats, clothes, and weapons that are very similar to what you have seen before in movies and games with pirates in them.

Free Fire Elite Pass First 5 Elite Passes

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