Free Fire is a Battle Royale game with fast and intense battles. With a very large number of players scattered all over the map, each player can meet each other at any time and be forced to fight. The need to always be on your guard means many players do not have enough time to think hard and this leads to many common mistakes.

Top 5 Free Fire Most Common Noob Mistakes

Usually, a lot of us still unconsciously do trivial things that contribute to losing a match. Want to know the things you might have been doing that made you lose lately? Here are 5 mistakes that are most often made by Free Fire players:

5 Most Common Mistakes in Free Fire Everyone Still Makes

Looting Immediately After Killing Enemies

The mistake most often made by players is rushing to do their looting after killing the enemy. Before deciding to boot, it is better if we pay attention to the area around us, especially when we are in an open area. Make sure the area is safe and no enemies will ambush you when you are looting.

Holding Your Weapons While Running

Many players are unconsciously running around the map while holding their weapons. This will make you run slower, making it difficult to chase or run from enemies. Running while holding a weapon should only be done when an enemy is chasing you. Also, make sure you have a protective weapon such as a pan that can protect you from enemy bullets.

Reloading Weapons in the Middle of a Battle

When in the middle of a firefight, players are not given room to make the slightest mistake, including running out of ammunition and having to reload in the middle of battle. When reloading, you give your enemy time to fire at you when you have no defense.

Top 5 Free Fire Most Common Noob Mistakes

Instead of reloading, when the ammunition for the weapon you are currently using runs out, switch to your reserve weapon and keep shooting at the enemy. And make sure you always have 2 weapons with full ammunition before deciding to fight.

Rushing to Airdrop

Just like the first point, you also shouldn't rush toward the Airdrop. Airdrop is the target of all players, so many players are competing to get it. However, it is not a first-come, first-serve target, as many players are deliberately waiting to ambush other players who are running towards the Airdrop. Make sure there are no enemies or traps in the area around the Airdrop before getting close.

Not Thinking Before Shooting

When you accidentally come across an enemy running around, what's the first thing you do? If the answer is to start shooting, then that is an incorrect answer! Instead, you should at first keep an eye on the area around you and make sure there are no other enemies there. Next, find a safe hiding place, before finally deciding to shoot at your enemies.

Shooting impulsively will only make any other possible enemies around hear your gunshot and find you instead.

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