Free Fire is celebrating its 3rd year this month, and despite all the time that we've got to spend in the game, there are still so many ways that your game can improve with just a few simple tips and tricks. This is why we've decided to gather several Free Fire Pro tips and tricks 2020 to help you get better.

Once you have mastered these Free Fire Pro tips and tricks 2020, others might start thinking you are a hacker. Pay attention and immediately put into practice these five tips that will make you play like a Pro in Free Fire. They are easy to apply and by the end, you will have considerably increased your skills in this hugely popular Battle Royale for smartphones.

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5 Excellent Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks 2020 You Need to Try Out

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Activate Abilities While Running in Free Fire

This simple trick can be demonstrated with just these two characters: Alok and A124. It is about how to activate the abilities while you are running in Free Fire. By stopping when a battle catches you off-guard to activate an ability, it can take a vital second away from you.

Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks 2020

Any amount of time given to your opponent becomes their advantage, so try to avoid it. While you are running, you apply your ability by pressing the jump option. Once your character is in the air you turn on your ability and it will immediately activate.

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Learn How to Do Headshots with Different Weapons

Short-range weapons do not have a scope to deliver an accurate headshot. This trick helps you improve your aim and increase your chances of getting headshots. The purpose is for you to become an expert.

Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks 2020

To achieve this, it is recommended that only lowering and raising the sight is necessary for the weapon to aim and achieve the headshot. It's something that you might have to practice a bit with bots before going into any matchup, perfect it and then use it.

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How to Win Fist Fights

Winning a hand-to-hand duel is sometimes difficult. Much more if your device wants to do a little hang up at that moment or the interface does not work well. For any of these cases, there are simple tips to execute. And it is that when you meet another character, you always place yourself by their side, never in front.

And for the cursor that you have on the left side, try to keep the white circle at the top.

Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks 2020 (4/5)

How to Win As Last-Man-Standing

Sometimes, you are fighting as a part of a squad, but the enemies kill all your friends, and you are left alone. There is a way to save the match, but it only applies to a single type of map. You need to go to the top floor and from there you start throwing grenades and try to make them bounce off the walls that you have in the buildings that are around.

Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks 2020

In this way, the grenades will land at the bottom and you will eliminate some enemies. Do it when the world is closing in and the result will be an epic victory.

Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks 2020 (5/5)

Get Free Diamonds with the Elite Pass

Once you buy the Elite Pass, a tab appears that you can drop down from the right. It is used to claim the items you obtained with the pass. The icon looks like a symbol of the internet or the globe. Press that option and verify what appears to you.

Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks 2020

Some users find that there is nothing. While, the vast majority find, on the second page, the way to claim different cards. One contains 25 diamonds, another has a voucher, and the third has 75 diamonds. The first two are available for those who have the current pass and the last one is for those who purchased the previous pass.

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