It may not feel like it, but Free Fire is already celebrating its third year this year. First introduced in 2017, our favorite Battle Royale game Free Fire has really come a long way with achievements like having 80 million active players in just a single day.

Even so, behind the current success of the game, there is a long journey with a humble beginning. One of the things that has really changed is the number of improvements that have taken place either in the gameplay or the graphics.

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To commemorate Free Fire finally celebrating its 3rd birthday, why don't we take a look back at what Free Fire was like when it was officially launched in 2017?

Official Global Launch Date: December 4, 2017

Although we are celebrating Free Fire's birthday in August, the game was not immediately released globally. The game at that time had two phases, namely the Alpha Test and the Open Beta Test, which only allowed registered and selected players to participate.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary First Release 2017

Which is why for many countries, the Battle Royale game was not officially released until December 4, 2017, on common digital platforms like Google Play or the App Store.

The Lobby Was Boring

Back then when the game was initially released, there was no 180 degrees angle like the current Lobby appearance which looks lively. The Lobby display looked very simple and plain. There were only two options for your character (Adam and Eve) when the game came out, compared to the dozens of characters we now have.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary First Release 2017

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary First Release 2017

No Surfboards

A lot of current players are definitely familiar with the Surfboard when dropping from the airplane, but back in 2017, the player only had a parachute to make their landing and begin looting. You could say there was more "balance" then because of the lack of variety.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary First Release 2017

Free Fire Graphics Weren't So Good

A lot of us won't be surprised to find out that the graphical appearance of things like blood was very different from now. This is proof that the game has made serious advances in terms of improving graphics. Soon with the release of Free Fire Max, the game will no longer be just a "PUBG Mobile" for weaker phones.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary First Release 2017

The Scopes Were Much More Simple

The scope in 2017 used to be pretty lacking when compared to now. Also, the crosshair was quite large which would interfere with the game if you are used to current scopes.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary First Release 2017

Getting Booyah Was Underwhelming

Getting a 'Booyah' at the end of all the hard work didn't feel all that satisfying. By looking at the picture below, you can tell that the Booyah text in 2017 used to have a very simple appearance.

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary First Release 2017

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