Another great news to accompany the 3rd Anniversary of Free Fire after Garena confirmed another major milestone reached. Since its release, the game has developed into a Battle Royale that is different from similar games. The characters and their backgrounds, as well as Pets and Gloo Walls, make the game stand out from more 'realistic' competitors.

And the game keeps getting more and more popular among Battle Royale fans and newcomers. The ability to play the game on low-spec phones is one of the advantages of Free Fire and another reason why it is so popular.

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And it is this level of popularity and accessibility that allows the game to keep making and breaking records. In March, it was reported that it had a peak daily user number of more than 80 million, and the record has already been broken with a far more impressive milestone.

In a Press Release of Sea Group, the owner of Garena Free Fire, it has been confirmed that the game recorded more than 100 million (10 crores) active players in just one day! In just five months the game has gained an extra 20 million active players, to which the pandemic and lockdown have certainly contributed.

Free Fire 100 Million 10 Crores Active Players One Day

According to the report, Latin America and Southeast Asia form the largest bases of players for the game. It also achieved a new record in the number of monthly paying users, which means a lot of us seem to be paying for the Elite Pass.

This is great news since the larger the game grows, the more interesting competitive events and tournaments will be organized to participate in or just to watch alone or together with your friends Another achievement it has gotten is that according to App Annie cited in the report, it was the third most downloaded mobile game in the world.

Free Fire 100 Million 10 Crores Active Players One Day

Here's what the Press Release from Sea Group had to say about the latest records of this Battle Royale!

"Our self-developed global hit game, Free Fire, achieved a new record high of over 100 million peak daily active users and, according to App Annie, was the highest grossing mobile game in Latin America and in Southeast Asia in the second quarter."

"Free Fire also ranked third globally by downloads in the mobile games category in the second quarter, according to App Annie."

"In July 2020, Garena hit a new record high in monthly adjusted revenue. Free Fire also achieved a new record in monthly paying users in July, which more than doubled year-on-year."

"Our esports and community building efforts continued to attract significant followings in the second quarter. Free Fire esports tournaments accumulated over 120 million online views for the quarter. In June, we hosted Free Fire Asia AllStars 2020, a pan-regional two-day event for both professional teams and influencers, which recorded over 20 million online views to date."

Free Fire 100 Million 10 Crores Active Players One Day

"We have also engaged global partners to create new in-game content for our users. For example, in July, Free Fire announced its partnership with Netflix for a special in-game crossover with the global hit Netflix show, Money Heist, which is expected to launch in September."

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