Activision has made official Call of Duty new game 2020 this year, which will be called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This year's shooter will be released in the fall and is developed by Treyarch with Raven Software. The official presentation will be on August 26, although the title had already been leaked a long time ago.

Obviously the theme will be the Cold War, and it is expected that in addition to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it will be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X. It is believed that it will be a reboot of Black Ops similar to what Infinity Ward did with Call of Duty Modern Warfare new game of last year.

The first teaser is a montage of historical footage that gives background to the game's story and a Soviet spy named Perseus. According to the video, Perseus was never caught and infiltrated some of America's most secret defense institutions to give the Soviet Union an advantage in the arms race.

Call of Duty New Game 2020 Black Ops Cold War

There is also the Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov who describes how the Soviet Union was working to undermine the United States, using careful techniques to target the US from the inside. The talk features images from the Vietnam War, civil rights protests, political rallies, and speeches by Ronald Reagan.

This video is part of the alternate reality game that Activision has been promoting on the internet and this Call of Duty new game coming out has connections to Call of Duty: Warzone, the free Battle Royale, which had secret rooms on the Verdansk map. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for new Call of Duty 2020 gameplay.

Call of Duty New Game 2020 Takes Us Back to the Origins of Black Ops

After several increasingly futuristic installments of Black Ops, the game that comes after the latest released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes us back to the past and historical events, as the leaks already pointed out. It is known from the rumors that the traditional campaign will make a comeback, which was absent in Black Ops IIII.

Call of Duty new game 2020 will have large multiplayer battles between teams of 32 players, large maps of which many are inspired by the most iconic scenarios of the original Black Ops, zombies mode, and will include Warzone, which will evolve with content set on the theme of Cold War.

Call of Duty New Game 2020 Black Ops Cold War

"Treyarch and Raven are coming up with the next premium game and [we’re] obviously very excited about what they’re working on and we do think fans are going to absolutely love it. The game looks incredible right now and internally people are having a ton of fun playing across its campaign mode as well as the online modes the developers are very well known for, "Activision said recently without elaborating.

Call of Duty New Game 2020 Has Already Been Leaked Before

Last month, Activision Blizzard released in the Microsoft Store of Xbox One a program that could not be downloaded, called The Red Door, which is listed as a shooter and is related to a Call of Duty new game 2020 that will be released this year, which we now know is called Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

As reported by Eurogamer, some users have been able to download the application, and the data miners have accessed its code revealing data from the multiplayer maps, missions, and something related to the Zombies mode.

The dataminer Prototype Warehouse published on Twitter the names or codenames of some of the multiplayer maps that the new Call of Duty will have: "black sea", "cartel", "KGB", "Miami", "Moscow", "Satellite", "Tank" and "Tundra". In June a pre-alpha gameplay of a map called "Tank" was leaked, which was removed by Activision.

They have also detected some secondary missions and the main campaign; the names or code names of these missions are preceded by diminutives like "nam" and "nic", which suggest that they are scenes in Vietnam and Nicaragua, places that have been visited in previous installments of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The free Battle Royale of the franchise, Call of Duty: Warzone, will also be updated with this Cold War theme of Call of Duty new game 2020, as shown by the dataminer, who has found mentions of "Duga" (a radar used during the Soviet era), "Forest", "Russia" and "Ski Slopes".

Usually, the CODs developed by Treyarch include a zombie mode that, it seems, will also be here, although the details are even more scarce than in the other modes. Prototype Warehouse has only found the name "Silver".

Those who have been able to download the demo assure that they cannot execute the program; all that remains is the icon in the console menu and appears in the console's library as a demo titled Call of Duty Black Ops CIA. That "CIA" may refer to a "closed internal alpha" or be related to the US Central Intelligence Agency.

Call of Duty New Game 2020 Also Leaked on the Playstation Store

At the beginning of June, the next Call of Duty was registered in the PlayStation Store database under two code names: The Red Door (same as in the Microsoft Store), and The Breach. Along with the game's registration code, the logo was leaked, where CIA documents appeared with a date, 1976, which suggests that they will be related to the aftermath of the Vietnam War.

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