A new vehicle named Monster Truck was just added to PUBG Mobile – this article would tell you all you need to know.

Why did they add the monster truck?

With the arrival of the 0.19.0 update, PUBG Mobile has introduced a brand new map named Livik into the game – the first-ever unique map of PUBG Mobile. While Livik is super small, at only 2x2 km, its terrain is pretty complicated, with a lot of hills, uneven terrains, and rocky obstacles.

Screen 3
The Monster Truck is probably the coolest vehicle ever added

Due to this design of Livik, getting around with just the usual lineup of vehicles is much harder than normal – and because of this, the developers have decided to add a brand new vehicle into the game: Monster Truck. Free Fire’s version is not a unique one anymore.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Monster Truck?

Riding this truck, players would be able to cross mountains and uneven surfaces by rolling over them, which leads to even higher mobility than traditional cars. The big tires would overcome all-terrain problems on its path – users would not be able to destroy this vehicle by driving badly anymore. You can also hit people with the truck - it would down or kill them right away. Against gunfire - the truck has more HP than any other vehicle in the game.

Pugb Mobile Use Monster Tru
People riding on the back has pretty decent cover

The weakness of the Monster Truck is its size – the thing is huge, which makes it a big target for other players to focus on. It also makes an awfully loud sound as well, in case people haven’t spotted it from afar. Expect to get much more enemy attention while driving the truck. Because of this, try to stay away from this truck in the final zone in order to not give away your position to enemies.

Where do they spawn on Livik?

Pubg Mobile Monster Truck
The Monster Truck is almost guaranteed to spawn on certain locations

Spawn location for this truck is random, however, there are three spots with a higher spawn rate on the map: Aqueduct, Crab Grass, and Power Plant.

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