PUBG Mobile Lite’s 0.18.0 Update is finally out – players can now head to the app store to update the game. The 0.18.0 is a big patch that added some of the most wanted features from normal PUBG Mobile to the Lite version. In this article, we would list out the most notable changes included in the patch.

1 – TDM Ruins Map

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New Ruins map would be an amazing addition to the TDM mode

Finally, Lite’s popular TDM mode gets a new map named Ruins. The close-quarter confines of this area would definitely help players in training their 1 vs 1 skill for the real battle royale. Accompanying this mode is the Slide feature – close range fights would be much more interesting now as players would be able to move around unexpectedly to dodge bullets.

2 – Brand new icons and lobby

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With this being PUBG Mobile Lite’s first anniversary, the whole lobby has been upgraded with a new “anniversary celebrations” theme that looks amazing. New icons are also included so that everything would look better overall.

3 – P90 SMG


The P90 gun, which has just made its debut in PUBG Mobile, is ported to PUBG Mobile Lite right away. This weapon is amazing on both close and middle range sprays – definitely worth getting if you are going to fight in the final circle. The P90 uses 9mm ammunition and can carry 50 bullets for each magazine.

4 – Cable Car and Ruins Location on Varenga

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The new Ruins on the Varenga map

PUBG Mobile Lite has added a method of quick travel on the map without having to use vehicles: the cable car. By riding this, players can get from one location to the other easily and safely. Furthermore, a new location named Ruins has been added to Varenga for players to visit and explore.

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5 – Gift and Gift request feature

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Players can now send daily gifts to others – which would definitely improve their social experience in PUBG Mobile Lite. Free Vouchers and exclusive sales are also on as well.

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