What are the best mobile games with controller support? In modern days, mobile games have carved a niche for themselves by providing players with unparalleled gaming experience. As mobile gaming is getting more and more prevalent, gamers are now having unlimited access to numerous high-quality mobile games. Today, let’s check out five of the best mobile games with controller support iOS and Android.

Varying from full-fledged battle royales that allow up to 100 players on a map to RPGs with in-depth mechanics, mobile games have made significant progress throughout the years. Today’s mobile gamers can even use controllers for smoother gaming performance. There are plenty of wire and wireless controllers that support android and iOS devices. Plug the cord in or use the Bluetooth capability to connect the controller with your smartphone and you are ready to dive in.

 best mobile games with controller support pubg mobile
Is PUBG Mobile among the list of best mobile games with controller support?

Can I Play PUBG Mobile With Controller Support?

While PUBG Mobile is the largest gaming community in many countries, sadly the game is not competitive to Bluetooth controllers on both iOS and Android systems. Although there are some tricks to play PUBG Mobile using an extended controller, please note that it is not officially supported to play PUBG Mobile with a controller and you might encounter the inaccuracies while running the app.

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 best mobile games with controller support call of duty

Best Mobile Games With Controller Support

Although we cannot play PUBG Mobile on a Bluetooth controller, there are many other interesting games that are similar to PUBG Mobile which works on controllers. Check out the list of top 10 best mobile games with controller support you need to try!

1. Fortnite

 best mobile games with controller support
Fortnite is one of the most popular mobile games in the world

Fortnite is probably one of the best mobile games that support controller. By constantly releasing new content, Fortnite manages to touch relatively young players, who above all prioritize novelty. Its popularity has skyrocketed so much that fans want to play it on their mobile devices.
The mobile version definitely doesn’t let fans down with its excellent quality that offers the player the familiar gaming experience of the PC and console versions.

The Android version also fully supports controllers. Thus, if you are accustomed to playing on a console, you should find this mobile version familiar.

2. Call of Duty Mobile

 best mobile games with controller support

Exclusively designed for mobile devices, Call of Duty mobile is one of the finest first-person shooters. Thanks to its quality, COD has built a solid reputation in the video game industry. Shortly after its release, COD mobile earned the top spot on Google Play Store and soared into one of the best mobile games with controller support. COD mobile provides the iconic multiplayer maps and enables players to squad up with friends in a battle royale survival map that allows up to 100 people.

Although the mobile version offers console-like graphics and gaming experience, many players find it difficult to get used to the touch control on Android or iOS devices. Luckily, the game does allow external control. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that players should use controllers to play Call Of Duty.

3. Final Fantasy series

 best mobile games with controller support
Final Fantasy - top mobile games that support controller

The legendary franchise Final Fantasy is no stranger to gamers around the globe. Multiple well-celebrated video games from the past like Final Fantasy VII are now available on Google Play Store and Apple store. Android and iOS users can easily install it to your devices

The games allow players to use joysticks and they are fantastic to play. If you are a huge fan of Final Fantasy and craving for a nostalgic experience, these mobile games won’t let you down. With main features include a customizable party setup, a 36-hour adventure and a classic RPG turn-based battle system, Final Fantasy has everything you need to be one of the best mobile games with controller support

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4. Doom and Doom II

 best mobile games with controller support
Doom and Doom II: best mobile games with controller support

If it weren’t for Wolfenstein games and id Software’s Doom, there probably wouldn’t have been a first-person shooter game genre. Being the pioneer in this game line, Doom and Doom continues to provide top-notch gaming quality. By offering gamers with amazing graphics and fantastic in-game experiences, Doom and Doom manages to captivate the majority of its users.

Doom and Doom II once again killed it with the latest update. The game enables players to use controllers and It is available on Google Play Store. Go give it a try, you won’t regret it.

5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

 best mobile games with controller support

When it comes to best mobile games with controller support, another classic console action has also made its way to mobile platforms is Castlevania. With its original groundbreaking theme along with renowned music and graphics, the mobile version did a great job living up to hardcore fans’ expectations.

For those who missed the chance to play this classic action back in the day, this is the perfect time to experience it on your mobile device. Available on Google Play Store, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night also fully supports controllers.

Apart from the mentioned games, the list of best mobile games with controller support also goes with games like GRID™ Autosport, Grimvalor, Oddmar,  Stardew Valley, and Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap.

Apart from the regular controller to play video games in general and mobile games in particular, you can also look out for the best arcade sticks for a better gaming experience. Although fight sticks are not compulsory, it is a wonderful companion with your whole hand and arm can take part in the intensive movements of the character.

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