PUBG Mobile is not only a game but also a place where people connect and get to know others. People find love everywhere and video games turn out to be a great way for couples to come close to each other. What can be greater than having a girlfriend who also loves playing PUBG Mobile? If it is impossible to find a girl with the same interests in your close circle, try to find a PUBG Mobile girl ID of a female player you do not know. Yes, it’s possible and this article will leave your question unveiled!

PUBG Mobile girl ID
PUBG Mobile is not only a game for boys but also many PUBG Mobile girl players in Indian

Do Indian girls play PUBG Mobile?

While shooting games in general and battle royale games, in particular, appears to be the game for boys only, there are also many female players who are fond of this game genes. As a PUBG Mobile player, you rarely bump into a female player in the custom rooms which makes us think that girls do not play PUBG. However, the number of Indian girls who play PUBG Mobile is much more than you can ever think of, given the fact that there are also several top female players in our country.

As you might know, we cannot see the gender of PUBG Mobile players on their profile or do the search in-game too. In addition to that, most girls prefer remaining low key and mute their mic during the match as they don’t want to reveal their real gender. The only way to get a PUBG Mobile girl ID is by asking her in person. But how to find PUBG Mobile female players and get their IDs, keep scrolling down as there will be some useful source to discover!

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PUBG Mobile Girl ID

1. Find PUBG Mobile girl ID on Discord groups

One of the best ways to get a PUBG Mobile girl ID is via Discord servers. The messaging app focuses on building up communities of people with the same interest. It is also popular among gamers who want to find in-game partners. To join the community of PUBG Mobile player on Discord and get PUBG Mobile girl ID, follow some simple steps below:

  • Go to Google Play or Apple Store and download the app to your phone
  • Register for an account with your email (if you haven’t had an existing one)
  • Log In with your account
  • To join a Discord server, you will need the invite link or being added by one of your friends (who is already in the group). Here is the suggestion of the most popular PUBG Mobile discord serve in India where you can find PUBG Mobile girl ID
Top female PUBG Mobile Players in India

2. Find PUBG Mobile girl ID on WhatsApp

Apart from Discord, Whatsapp is also a great source to find PUBG Mobile Girl ID thanks to the popularity of the app. There are many PUBG Mobile groups on Whatsapp including close groups for females only. Some groups even ask users to verify themselves as a girl to join but the chance of bumping into a girl in a common group is big.

Here is the instruction to find PUBG Mobile girl ID on Whatsapp:

  • Download Whatsapp to your phone from Google Play or Apple Store
  • Sign up for an account or Sign In with your existing one
  • Get the invite link or QR code to join PUBG Mobile groups

Just like Discord, you cannot find and join a group without an invite. Here are some suggestions of PUBG Mobile groups and PUBG Mobile female groups with Whatsapp invite link for you to explore and get PUBG Mobile girl players ID:

pubg mobile girl id
PUBG Mobile girl ID number is one of the hottest topic of PUBG Mobile players

3. Find PUBG Mobile girl ID on Facebook

Last but not least is Facebook, the most popular social media platform where you can discover endless PUBG Mobile groups as well as PUBG Mobile Lite girl players ID. In fact, Facebook is a common space for everyone as we do not need an invitation to join a group. Just search for the word PUBG Mobile India, PUBG Mobile Lite India, and explore them yourself.

You can easily check the profile of other players to know if it’s a girl or not. Go ahead and ask her for the ID. Let’s get started as friends and partners first.

Above are some suggestions for you to find PUBG Mobile girl ID and PUBG girl ID on the internet. Visit our website for more interesting news about Games and entertainment.

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