Over the past few years, battle royale games have become the most trending game genre in the video game world with many key players like Fortnite, Free Fire, COD, and especially PUBG Mobile. While PUBG Mobile and FF are two top rivals in India, the number of PUBG Mobile players is likely to outdo the later. As being in the same genre, both of them share the same concepts and many other similarities. However, there are some special features and reasons which make the game different.

If you’re a fan of PUBG Mobile but are considering moving along with Free Fire after the Chinese one get banned in India, here are 5 major reasons which make FF better than PUBG Mobile or any other games of the same kind.

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5. Free Fire is not a Chinese game

While PUBG Mobile is having a hard time in India due to its Chinese origin, Free Fire, on the other hand, is on the rise as it appears to be the best alternatives for PUBG Mobile players. The game owner is Garena, a subsidiary of a Singapore cooperation SeaLimited. Despite being born in China, its CEO Forrest Li moved to Singapore and got citizenship there so it means that the company has nothing to do with China.

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4. It offers a vast range of characters and pets

While PUBG Mobile only has a few characters and it is challenging to obtain one, FF offers a lot of characters with different abilities and skills for you to pick up depending on your strategy. Apart from Free Fire all characters, you can also have a pet companion during the battle which not only for decoration but also supports you with its special skills.

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3. Customization has no limit

With Free Fire, players are free to show off their personality with various customization and aesthetic options. There are endless gorgeous skins and bundles to cast a spell on you from the very first sight. These items can be purchased with in-game diamonds or by completing limited missions and events.

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2. The home for fast-paced players

While PUBG Mobile has 100 players in a match with 30 minutes gameplay, the number of FF players is just half of it and it only takes you 18 minutes for a match. In addition to that, buildings in the game have no door. For those who hate camping and want to experience fast-paced matches, Free Fire will be the home for you.

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1. Accessibility and device performance is no big deal

While low space and poor performance are major problems to PUBG Mobile players who own a low-key phone, why not move to FF only takes 500MB of storage. It means that Free Fire has a smaller size than both PUBG Mobile (1.8GB) and PUBG Mobile Lite (588MB). Garena Free Fire is comparable to 1GB RAM while PUBG Mobile only works well with a 2Gb or 3GB Ram mobile.