With more than 30 crore online gamers in 2019 and counting, India is one of the biggest markets for video games. In fact, our country ranks the highest in terms of the growth in video game players and downloads on app stores. Along with the blossom of the video game market, the country also witnessed the rise of gaming influencers on social media and game streaming platforms. Check out the list of leading game influencers who are largely contributing to the growth of the industry and redefine the idea of gaming in India.

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7. Gunshot - Harnit Khatri

Apart from being a stellar PUBG Mobile, COD and Fortnite gamer, Harnit Khatri also gains the spotlight for his channels with so many creative and fun gaming videos. In addition to that, the streamer accelerated lakhs of views and subscribers for his channel thanks to his candid reviews and motivational messages. He always convinces his followers to get it through the game despite challenging missions.

6. Kronten Gaming – Chetan Sanjay Chandgude

The young streamer and player gained more than 20 lakhs subscribers on his Youtube channel thanks to not only his skills and talents but also the positive energy he delivers in each video. In addition to that, he is also praised for spending his income on good causes like doing the charity and supporting the society. Kronten Gaming is a great example for the gaming community in particular and the Indian youth in general.

5. HydraFlick- Rohan Ledwani

HydraFlick, also known as Rohan Ledwani is another gaming influencer who is creating a strong impact in the society with his helpful and entertaining videos. The streamer and vlogger cover a broad range of contents from tech gadgets to esport and mobile games. Take a look at one of his latest videos right down below:

4. Scout - Tanmay Singh

Tanmay Singh, who is widely known with his gaming nickname Scout, is an acclaimed and experienced PUBG Mobile player who turns heads for his stellar performance. Apart from 20 lakhs subscribers on Youtube, he also has a huge fanbase on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

3. MortaL- Naman Mathur

PUBG Mobile fans are no stranger to MortaL whose name is not only popular among the Indian PUBG Mobile community but also well-heard worldwide as the top player in the world. His channel accelerated dozen lakhs of subscribers and views thanks to his mind-blowing tricks and hilarious commentary.

2. CarryisLive- Ajey Nagar

When it comes to CarryisLive aka Ajey Nagar, it’s more than just a video game. In fact, his channel is a great combination of gameplay streaming and dope commentary. In case you didn’t know, Ajey is one of the leading YouTubers who started the roasting culture in India. Being young, charming, and creative, CarryisLive makes the most of the ordinary gameplays by going live with his friends and other influencers.

1. Dynamo Gaming- Aaditya Sawant

Aadii “Dynamo” Sawant, no need for introduction, is the biggest gaming influencer who became a phenomenon in the India gaming community over the last year. The gamer and streamer soared into the top position as the most-subscribed gaming YouTuber of the country thanks to his creative gameplays and useful tips that make his audience engaged and want to come back for more.

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