Hackers is one of the most sizzling problems in PUBG Mobile as the more popular it is, the more cheating players the game has. Despite releasing many updates on the anti-cheating systems, PUBG Mobile has yet to identify and eliminate all hackers out of the game. Aiming to create a level playing field for all players, the game developer is working on a new system called PUBG Mobile Video Review Station which helps them detect and punish hackers quickly and effectively.

So what is exactly PUBG Mobile Video Review Station and how does it work, keep scrolling down for the answer!

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PUBG Mobile is now releasing a new anti-cheat system which allows players to check each other

What is the PUBG Mobile Video Review Station?

In fact, PUBG Mobile Video Review Station is a part of the game anti-cheating system where PUBG Mobile players can review videos of reported players and decide if they are violating the rules or not.

  1. If most of the players agree that the reported player is cheating, the case will be taken into official review by the anti-cheating team. This is how the flow goes:
  2. The system record the battle video of suspicious players who are reported by opponents or the community
  3. The video is published and sent to random players for investigation.
    Investigators check and confirm the video and vote if the suspicious player is cheating or not
  4. If a majority of investigators agree that the reported player is cheating, the video will be sent to PUBG Mobile anti-cheating team for specific review.
  5. The team made the final decision and the player might be banned if he is confirmed to be cheating in-game.

How to become a public investigator in PUBG Mobile Video Review Station

Apart from getting more fair play games, PUBG Mobile players who sign up as “public investigators” who check videos of reported players will get special offers and rewards from the game developer by achieving a certain number of checked videos. However, the details of rewards have yet to be announced.

While the feature is in the testing phase, PUBG Mobile disclosed that the Video Review Station will be included in PUBG Mobile 1.0 New Era version which is slated to release on September 8th. Meanwhile, the list of investigators will be selected as only those who meet some standard qualifications can register to be an investigator.

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The terms of service of PUBG Mobile claims that the system will help crack down on cheater and maintain a fair gaming environment

Earlier, PUBG Mobile published its weekly anti-cheating report with more than 22 lakhs accounts and 14 lakh devices have been banned permanently from the game for using different cheating methods. Most of them are about X-Ray vision and Auto-aim cheats. 

Hope that the PUBG Mobile Video Review Station will work effectively in blocking cheaters and hackers from the game so faithful players can enjoy their battle.