In PUBG Mobile, the ultimate goal that everyone is fighting for is to become the last survivor. In order to achieve that objective, players have developed numerous tactics and one of them is camping.

Camping is a prevalent yet debatable tactic that faces a lot of backlashes. This mainly comes from the fact that there is hardly any efficient method to deal with campers. Today, we give you some suggestions on how to confront campers effectively.


What is a camper?

In video games, camper is the term used to describe a person who doesn’t take much action when everyone else plays actively. Specifically, PUBG Mobile’s players define camping as a tactic in which someone remains in a certain location on the map to take advantage of the circumstance. A PUBG’s campers often employ this tactic by detecting a strategic spot and waiting for foes or items to appear.

Since the main objective of the game is to be the last person alive, camping is actually an important part of PUBG mobile. However this logical tactic is pretty controversial as campers can easily gain the upper hand without putting much effort in the game. While normal players are inclined to move constantly and willing to take risks for triumph, campers look like cowards when literally all they do is find a safe spot and hide.

The hate towards this controversial tactic even grows bigger if you get hit by campers. When facing an enemy, everyone will expect to be on the same level of playing field so that the chance of winning will be equal and the efforts will be worthwhile. Campers though, don’t play as fairly as others, so when they defeat you, you surely will feel upset and disrespected.

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Pubg Mobile Meo Camper 3

How to deal with camper effectively:

1. Pay attention to the details

Coping with campers actually requires a subtle change of approaching the enemy. To level up your tactic, you need to stay vigilant and pay more attention to small details.

For example, when entering a building, it’s important to check if the doors are open or not. An open door can potentially signify somebody's presence in that building. In PUBG, most of the buildings have more than 1 door, so make sure you give a check to all of them. When doing this, take a notice of the direction how the doors are opened. Remember that when the players enter a building, the doors are opened inward, and vice versa when they exit.

Also keep in mind that even if the doors are closed, there’s still a possibility that the enemy is still in that building. There are several ways to enter a building without opening doors and in some cases, campers are careful enough to close every door to deflect you. So, stay focused and be prepared for every situation.

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2. Get an upper hand using wall hacks when playing TPP

To deal with those who chose a low-risk/high-reward tactic like camping, having dirt on your hands may be the most effective solution. With TPP wall hacking mode and giving that you can easily see people’s footprints on the mini map, terminating the campers is no longer a difficult task.

First thing you need to do is use smokes or grenades to throw them in a mild panic. As they start to move out of their comfort zone, you can now hear their footsteps and detect their location on the mini map.

Now it’s time for a full attack, you can go straight into the building to kill them or stand outside and made all the windows. It depends on the circumstance so be design and trust your judgment.

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