How to watch Netflix series free? Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent streaming services in the world. By offering unlimited access to a huge catalog of different programs, the world’s leading streaming service has attracted over 180M paid subscriptions. However, not everyone is willing to spend Rs 499 to 649 per month for Netflix’s basic and premium tier.

As Netflix has been soaring in popularity, its subscription cost has also hiked up. This considerable rise in the price of Netflix’s membership fee has raised questions revolving around its worthiness.

how to watch Netflix Series free
Everyone wants to know how to watch Netflix Series free and the answer turns out to be so simple

If you are living on a budget or you just simply don’t want to spend over 200$ for an annual membership, there are still ways for you to watch Netflix without losing a single penny. So how to watch Netflix series free? Take hints from these ways right below.

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The 30-day free trial offer from Netflix

As Netflix provides every user with a free trial period of 30 days, it’s free to enjoy unlimited access to their content for a month. All you have to watch Netflix series free is signing up with a new account and link it with your credit card and there you go, Netflix will offer you a free trial. However, to avoid having your card charged, it’s necessary that you cancel your membership before the final day. Even though Netflix is kind enough to send you a reminder 3 days before the trial expires, we highly recommend you set several reminders to make sure you cancel it on time.

And if you are wondering how to watch Netflix series free for a longer time, after canceling your subscription, you can create a brand new account starting with other emails and credit cards. This will be an arduous and tiring process as you have to be consistent and repeat it every month.

how to watch netflix series free
How to watch Netflix series free after the first trial month?

The Free trial and Virtue Card.

As mentioned before, how to watch Netflix series free is not an easy trick. However, it's not too challenging at all. When making use of the Free trial period offered by Netflix, you will encounter a lot of problems. Running out of debit/credit cards seems to be the biggest obstacle blocking you from repeating the free trial experience.

With this trick, we’ll show you how to how to watch Netflix for free online by creating as many virtual debit cards as you want for free. Check these steps out for more details:

1. Find a Virtual Credit Card app and download it to your phone. There are many trusted app issued by banks with which you can register for a card like Kotak 811, Axis Bank ASAP, Digibank by DBS, PayZapp by HDFC Bank, Pockets by ICICI Bank and Yes Pay by Yes Bank. All of these apps are available on Google Play.

2. Launch the app on the device you are using and click the sign-up button to create an account for yourself.

3 The next thing you need to do is fill out your mobile number and personal information such as name and any of your document proof numbers by using a driving license, pan card, etc.

4. Read and accept the terms and conditions and hit the sign-up button

5. An OTP will be sent to your mobile device immediately. Enter that OTP and click the proceed button to continue.

how to watch netflix series free
How to watch Netflix for free on PC: The trick is applicable for all devices including PC and mobiles

6. Set your own M-PIN and answer some personal info questions for security purposes.

7. Now you will find the cards option down below to click. This will lead to another page where you need to click the Apply now button for your virtual card application. Wait for it to process and click the activate instantly tick mark. There will be an apply button to finish but it requires your email address and your birthday.

8. After having done all these steps, your virtual card with all the details needed for Netflix registration will appear. Go to Netflix and create a new account like you normally do.

9. Enter all the required information (which is on the virtual card that you have just created) and hit the continue button.

10. Netflix will verify your card by sending the OTP from the bank side. Enter your password and you are done!

This is the best solution for how to watch Netflix shows free without hack or using illegitimate accounts. That's the way you can create as many accounts you want without using actual credit cards. After the trial month expires, deactivate your Virtual Debit Card and sign up for a new one with another app. Follow the steps all over again for a new Netflix account. Of course, there will be a time you run out of emails and credit cards for signing up but there is no free lunch, and taking advantage of a loophole is never an easy task.

It won't take you too much time once you get familiar with it. This trick is the only answer to how to watch Netflix series free so now you can enjoy Netflix Premium for free for a long time.

Above is the instruction of How to watch Netflix series free. Visit our websites for more interesting news about games and entertainment.

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