The Batman trailer release is definitely the hottest topic on the internet over the last weekend. After much speculation, the first teaser of the DC much-awaited movie was made official in the DC FanDome event last Saturday, taking the whole internet by storm. What does the trailer unveil and when will The Batman release? Keep reading for further information!

The Batman
The Batman first trailer has been made official, starring Robert Pattinson in the leading role

The Matt Reeves direction which features Robert Pattinson in the role of the Gotham's Dark Knight seems to be way different from other versions of its previous version. Apart from the suit, his approach also diverse that a short dialogue of him can brief the case: ‘I am Vengeance’. In addition to that, the trailer also reveals Paul Dano in the role of the Riddler, and Zoe Kravitz is seen as the Catwoman. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Wright takes charge of Commissioner Gordon.

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Check out the full trailer of The Batman right below:

One day after the release, The Batman trailer became the talk of the town that cover all social media. While the keyword go to top trending on Twitter, the video has collected lakhs of views after just one day. It can be seen that DC fans cannot keep calm about the movie.

Talking about his film, director Reeves revealed that his upcoming thiller will be an extra original movie. Although there is something familiar, the upcoming version is darker, edgier, and more intimate than ever before.

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The Batman Teaser 1200 1
The movie is set to be an extraordinary version of the iconic DC series.

Reeves also added that The Batman movie will be set in Year Two with a lot of new experiments and Robert Pattison's take on is obviously the major one. Meanwhile, the movie is on the production stage and slated to hit the theaters in October 2021.

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