3 years after the first installment of the Wonder Woman series, the much-anticipated Wonder Woman 1984, which was initially slated to release this June, has been rescheduled to October. However, DC fans don’t long for the film anymore as the main plot has been “officially” leaked.

Recently, the novel version of Wonder Woman 1984, which was slated to release after the movie premiere, has suddenly been out on the shelf. It means that the plot of the much-anticipated movie will also be relieved. Keep scrolling down for the Wonder Woman 1984 spoiler if you cannot keep calm to wait for 2 more months.

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Wonder Woman 1984 is rescheduled to October 2020

The review contains a few spoilers, consider whether to read it or not.

Just like many other DC movies, Wonder Woman 1984 has a special connection to the powerful Dreamstone which can make anyone’s wishes come true. As Diana didn’t understand the power of Dreamstone, Wonder Woman wished her ex Steve Trevor who died in the previous installment to be relieved. Her wish comes true and this is also how Steve gets back. However, everything comes at a price.

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Wonder Woman 1984 - the most-anticipated movie in 2020

Meanwhile, Maxwell Lord the villain is thirsting for the power of Dreamstone and aim to turn himself into a wish giver. As a notorious fraudster, Lord manages to make his wish. Along with it is the visible consequence of a chaotic world that is on the verge of war. What does Wonder Woman need to do to stop the vicious Maxwell Lord from destroying the entire human kinds?

The first novel leaving everything unrest with Lord sets up his evil plan, taking one step closer to the Dreamstone while Wonder Woman is still in the middle of nowhere.

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Wonder Woman 1984 main cast

If you’re wondering what is the wish of Maxwell Lord, a chapter in Wonder Woman comic earlier spilled the bean on it. In the comic version, Diana tied Lord up with the Lasso of Truth, forcing him to tell the truth about what can stop him from destroying the world and his answer is Diana has to kill him.

This is also the ultimate goal of the villain - destroying the reputation of superheroes, making people stop believing in superheroes.

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Wonder Woman 1984
Gal Gardot in a still from Wonder Woman 1984

If this is also the tragic ending of Wonder Woman 1984, the movie is likely to follow the dark theme of Man of Steel and spark backlashes just like the Superman movie did. Anyway, it is such a bold move for the Warner Bros to leak almost all of the Wonder Woman 1984 plot.

However, we have reasons to believe that the movie will come with a less controversial ending especially when DCEU is trying to get out of its Darkseid concept.While waiting to see Wonder Woman 1984 on the big screen, check out the official trailer of the film right here: