Along with the release of The Batman and The Suicide Squad trailer, the biggest virtual event of DC comics last Saturday also spilled the beans on the last piece of Wonder Woman 1984. The last trailer of the much-awaited movie does not only unveil the official look of Cheetah, the power of Maxwell Lord but also the moments of Dian and Steve Trevor after he was relieved. Catch a glimpse at Wonder Woman 1984 preview with 10 most important moments in the last trailer.

10. The Amazonian Games

Wonderwoman1984 Youngdiana Olympics E1597805368644

The Wonder Woman 1984 trailer starts with the footage of the young Diana running in the arena of the Amazonian Games. As a child, she has always wanted to prove herself and compete against her overpowerful sister Amazons.

9. Wonder Woman Rides The Lighting

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Diana Rides The Lightnin

The trailer features Diana flying by hooking her lasso onto the lighting several times. Despite not having the power to fly, Diana can impressively write the lighting. As being Zeus's child, it seems like she inherited the power from her father.

8. Maxwell Lord announces his message to the world

Maxwell Lord Message From White House 1

Thanks to the powerful Dreamstone, the criminal mastermind Maxwell is able to grant the wishes of anyone, of course, everything comes at a price. He took the chance to deliver his message ‘I’m here to change your lives’ to the world. This event is the beginning of all the chaos in the rest of the movie.

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7. Barbara Minerva on the rise to be an ‘Apex Predator’

Wonder Woman 1984 Barbara Minerva 1

The final Wonder Woman 1984 makes other scenes of Barbara Minerva in previous trailers make some sense. It briefs the transformation of Barbara Minerva to become the top rival of Dian. The trailer also reveals her aim to become the apex predator as she made her wish of being so.

6. Wonder Woman VS Cheetah - Round 1

Cheetah Versus Wonder Woman 1

The first fight between Wonder Woman and Cheetah seems to take place at the White House. At this point, it was just a personal fight as Barbara has yet to work for Maxwell.

5. Steve Trevor flying a jet

Wonder Woman 1984 Invisible Jet

Despite the speculation about the iconic invisible jet of Wonder Woman, it seems like the jet Steve is flying in the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer isn’t that one. The trailer features the pair flying on a jet and Diana tells him that there is a new thing called radar invented while he was aways for decades.

4. Maxwell Lord’s power triggered

Wonder Woman Maxwell Lord Powers 1

The next scene of Wonder Woman 1984 features the crime mastermind Maxwell Lord speaking from the White House, unleashing the incredible power of the Dreamstone. According to that, everyone’s wishes will be granted as long as they look at his image which immediately brings up massive chaos not only in the room but all over the world.

3. Cheetah Vs Wonder Woman - Round 2

Wonder Woman Versus Cheetah

In comparison to the first round, Barbara Minerva completed her transformation into the real apex predator who she wished to become. In the second fight between the two, Cheetah is now having the same strength as Diana.

2. Cheetah first look

Wonder Woman Versus Cheetah 1

In fact, Warner Bros has rarely disclosed the full transformation of Cheetah until the final part of the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. It turns out that Barbara Minerva has yet to become the animalistic villain like the comic version. In the upcoming installment of Wonder Woman, Cheetah will be portrayed with quick shots and dark scenes which make the character more mysterious.

1. Wonder Woman shines in the golden eagle armour

Diana will be seen opting the savage golden eagle armour in the final stand against Cheetah in the movie. In fact, the armour is also equipped with wings that help her to fly as flying is not her natural power.

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