Just like many other online games, Free Fire also has its own in-game currency called diamond which players will need to purchase virtual items like skins, bundles, or pets. As most FF players are only students, the diamond top-up is also costly and unaffordable that they tend to seek for alternative ways to have cheaper or even free diamonds.

However, as free diamond hacks are illegal and might bring up troubles to you, buying a diamond at a cheaper price is what you should take into consideration. Apart from top-up events in which you can get a bonus, there is also another method to get a 100% bonus when topping up diamonds in Free Fire. This article will show you how.

Free Fire Games Khaurido 100 Top Uo
Games Kharido is the official topup center of Garena in India, the website is offering a lot of discount for players who top-up for the first time

How to top up Free Fire diamond and get 100% bonus

While there are many top-up websites for gamers, not all of them are trusted ones and offers lucrative deals or promotion. Being the official top-up platform of Garena Free Fire, Games Kharido is not only a credited website to buy diamond but players can also get 100% bonus for their first top-up in the websites. It means that you can get up to 5,600 diamonds bonus for topping up 5,600 diamonds and the steps are super easy. Take a look at the detail instruction:

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  1. Go to the official top up website of Garena Free Fire in India as: gameskharido.in
  2. Log in with your Facebook account or enter your Free Fire ID
  3. Select the amount of diamond you want to top up
  4. While the price is the same as other top up websites, you will get the promotion deal of having 100% bonus. The details of the bonus is listed below
  5. Process the payment by using available payment methods like PayTM, UPI or NetBanking
    Free Fire
    You can receive a maximum 5600 diamond bonus while topping up on the website

After the transaction is completed, your diamonds including the bonus ones will be seen in your Free Fire account. As each player only has one chance to get a 100% bonus top-up, don’t hesitate to go with a large number of diamonds. You can also take a look at the video below for detailed instruction:

In case you cannot afford it immediately, ask your friend to share the payment and send goods to them as a way to pay back the money!

Above are how to top up Free Fire diamond and received 100% bonus via the official top-up websites of Free Fire for Indian player - Game Khaurido. Via this platform,, players can earn up to 5600 diamond bonuses without hacking and face the risk of an account ban from the game publisher.

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