Battle Points are an in-game currency of PUBG Mobile, which you can use to purchase various skins, items, crates. Players can get Battle Points through playing the game, finishing missions, and many other ways. But the prices of items in PUBG Mobile are really high while the amount of Battle Points players can get through grinding are not many. It would normally take a casual player a lot of time to get enough Battle Points for their favorite items.

PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack scam website

There have been some people who are trying to promote a website called "PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack" lately, promising that players can get any number of Battle Points from it. It does sound like a very appealing deal that is too good to be true. And, of course, it is just a scam. You will get nothing from this site and your information will even get stolen. Here is how the scam works.

Don't give them your information

First, they will lead you to their scam website that requires you to fill in your in-game user name to give you BP. When you push the Start Generator button, they will show you some fake processing animations and then require you to do one final step to prove that you are not a bot. They will require you to fill in your emails, credit cards, addresses,... They will even send you a fake Apple/ Google Play Store email, claiming that you have purchased an in-game item called "PUBG Mobile Coin Ultimate Pack"  along with a link to cancel the purchase. This link will lead you to a fake site of the official website of the Apple/ Google Play Store to scam your information.

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These kinds of scams are everywhere

These scams are very popular on the internet so you need to be really careful to not fall for them or they will able able to take away your precious account in a matter of seconds.