In what could be another spoiler for fans of Naman Mathur aka MortaL, PUBG Mobile has warned him for indulging in in-game meetups. During his daily stream, MortaL admitted that he has been warned by game developers for meeting his fans during the gameplay. Such meet-ups are often considered as teaming up with other squads which are amounted to cheating.

PUBG Mobile Warns MortaL For Indulging Into In-Game Meetups

Several renowned streamers and pro-players have been banned in various games such as Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. Such warnings are necessary to keep the integrity of fair play while playing the game. It has to be noted that Naman's YouTube channel MortaL received 1.45 Lakhs live audience recently. He becomes the only Indian game streamer to be watched by such a huge audience at a single time.

Avid gamer and follower of MortaL said, "We watch MortaL for his excellent gameplay and fun during his live stream. It often annoys the audience when his fans match his lobby to meet him while playing. The stream snipers follow him throughout the match and instead of a tough fight, they end up fighting with a pan. This takes away all the fun."

He further said, "Most of the time, his entire squad gets wiped out by the stream snipers who come on pretext of the meet-up. Most of the time, it becomes confusing when in-game meet-ups take place. MortaL and his squad often confuse an enemy with a fan and this leads to their squad kill."


During the live stream, MortaL was playing with his usual squad when few players approached him during the game. To which MortaL requested those players to not come for meet-ups as he has been warned by PUBG Mobile developers to stop such activities. He also said that if this continues, PUBG Mobile will ban him permanently.

This request and announcement have been made by him several times but his fans fail to adhere. However, we can just expect a fair play but it will be interesting to watch if in-game meetups and stream sniping ends completely.