The Twitch streamer DarkViperAU had an impressive in-game performance when completing a GTA V heist mission without a kill. It’s a very exceptional thing in an action game like Grand Theft Auto. Let’s check out his kill-free GTA V mission here.

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Grand Theft Auto is an exciting action-adventure video game that is filled with conflicts, combat, and heists. It’s undeniable that heist missions are the most fantastic things in this game franchise, especially the latest existing GTA V. The title Grand Theft Auto always makes gamers think of firing, heist, chases and escapes, and assassins. It would be weird and impressive if you do a heist mission without killing an in-game character. But DarkViperAU did such an insane thing.

Gta V Blitz Play Heist Mission
GTA V Blitz Play Heist Mission

This content creator set a challenge and prepared himself to sink in the game for many hours. After 32 hours playing the game, he completed the mission without using a bullet. With this impressive performance, DarkViperAU took a great step to the goal of completing the entire game without a murder.

Completing A Heist Without Firing A Bullet

Blitz Play is the third Heist mission in GTA V. Three protagonists co-operate to rob a big sum of money from a security van running around Los Santos. When Michael parks the garbage truck to block the van of money on the road, Franklin drives his tow truck and hits the security van. Then, the gangster blows off the door and takes all the cash away.

A 32 Hour Kill Free Mission Complete
A 32-Hour Kill-Free Mission Complete

The heist alerts the policemen who come with a ton of heavy weapons to blast your team into ashes. And as normal, it’s time you took out your guns and fired back to try to escape with the money. However, when the streamers took over Franklin, he had to rely on his two system-controlled teammates.

Fortunately, Trevor did the murder for him and let him escape safely. The combat was full of nervous and thrilling moments that he almost lost. But finally, he confirmed completing his kill-free GTA V mission and conquered his challenge after a 32-hour-long effort. 

Mission Completed
Mission Completed