A report for Twitch viewership in 2019 has revealed various interesting information and from them, we can easily recognize the current gaming trend. The report was jointly created by Arsenal.gg and Stream Elements, two of the biggest analysts of the scene. The biggest increase in number is probably Grand Theft Auto 5, with over three times the number of 2018’s results. GTA has always been big, and it looks like the scene has been further revitalized with multiple free updates to Grand Theft Online. This is still Rockstar’s biggest cash cow – and it will continue to be for the near future until GTA 6 is released.

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Top 10 most streamed games: 2018 vs 2019

The rise of GTA can also be attributed to some of the big-name streamers, as they have been flocking to the roleplay scene of GTA for quite a while.

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GTA 5 roleplaying streams have been pretty popular

PUBG’s massive drop in popularity is expected, as the game hasn’t had many improvements or innovations as of late. From the 416 million views of 2018, they have dropped more than half, below Hearthstone’s 217 million in 2019. This figure should be a correct representation of the popularity of the game, as Twitch is pretty much over 75% of the streaming market. The nature of the game also restricts the number of contents you could add, as more maps would further divide the player base – you need 100 people to play a match of PUBG, so this problem is 10 times greater than the usual games.

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Twitch used to be quite a bit larger

League of Legends has predictably regained its lead over Fortnite, with only 10 million short of a billion views. Fortnite’s craze has died down somewhat, as the total views drop by a quarter, from 1.2 billion to 884 million. The reason behind League’s resurgence is probably because of Teamfight Tactics – people who are playing it would frequently be converted into a League player.

Is PUBG dying?

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