Grand Theft Auto has been one of the greatest video games of all time since its release 14 years ago. It makes Rockstar become one of the biggest game publishers in the world for years. For the last 14 years, there are many versions of this game having been launched. The developers have also continuously made changes, enhancements, and additions to satisfy their fans. However, there’re still many boring and unintelligible missions that make fans want to quit this game. Let’s check out the top worst GTA missions here.

Main Characters In Gta
Main Characters In GTA

Pulling Favors – GTA V

Although GTA V has a huge map, it seems that the developers want to keep players hanging about in the city center with heaps of silly missions. Players once had to run five miles in the desert only to make a phone call. What a joke!

And now, the dev team once again give players another silly one: Pulling Favors. You have to pull a broken car for half an hour. You have to do nothing else but towing the broken vehicle. Nothing else. And, although the publisher introduced Pulling Favors as a strange and freak, it still makes players fall asleep. Just drive up, hook the broken vehicle, drive back with the pulled car and drop it off. Do you see anything freak or interesting in this one of the worst GTA missions?

Pulling Favors Gta V
Pulling Favors In GTA V

Kingdom come – GTA III

GTA III is said to have the most exciting set of missions in all the series of Grand Theft Auto. But it doesn’t mean there’s no quirk in this part. Kingdom Come makes players too confused to find their way in an awkward combat scenario.

It would be normal and understandable if the mission is just taking the target and slipping away. But the producer asks you to destroy madmen’s vans in the hellish laughs of these suicidal maniacs. You need to stay conscious and complete this silly and annoying mission. The tip is running away from the ambushed spot, heading to the nearby parking lot, and throwing explosive grenades or Molotov to defeat these madmen.

The Side Mission Kingdom Come
The Side Mission Kingdom Come

Amphibious Assault - San Andreas

Fans of Grand Theft Auto know for well that swimming is something that has never worked in this game. There is definitely something very dangerous and life-threatening in the water. In GTA III and Vice City, your character will surely die right after falling into the water. The submarine environment in GTA IV and GTA V always give players troubles. So, it raises a question that why Rockstar hasn’t remove waterway from this game.

Amphibious Assault In Gta San Andreas
Amphibious Assault In GTA San Andreas

The mission Amphibious Assault only prolongs the list of silly missions in GTA as it requires players to swim. Your character has to swim for hours to approach the boat without being detected. It’s really difficult to understand why they can design this silly mission while players have got used to the fact that the waterway is also the hell way in GTA.

It deserves one of the worst GTA missions in San Andreas. Instead of spending hours underwater and face death, why don’t we buy a sniper rifle and kill the targets from distance without any risk?

The Driver - Vice City

A.I characters in Vice City always make players agonized and exhausted as they were designed to cause problems and chaos. The Driver is such an annoying mission in which you have to race with an A.I in Vice City. Your mission is winning the car race with Hilary. It would be not difficult until the developers designed his driver as an excellent racer. To win this race, players have to find a chance to surpass Hilary on the route, remember all the corners and blind spots on the racing track.  

A Car Race With An Ai
A Car Race With An AI Driver

Those are four of the worst GTA missions that make gamers almost stop playing GTA by silly and boring gameplay and settings. Though, GTA is still one of the greatest video games of all time.