We love playing video games because they can offer us many things that are not available in real life. In video games, you can fly, shoot, kill the bad guys with your special abilities. But perhaps the most attractive thing that video games offer us is their world. There are many AAA open-world titles nowadays, and those open worlds are fascinating. You guys can literally spend days in that world without feeling bored.

But those worlds are sometimes not ideal places in real life. Those worlds are too dangerous, even for the protagonists of those worlds. In video games, when you die, you respawn. But that does not happen in real life. In real life, you die when you die, no respawning at all, no matter how powerful you are.

That is why we have gathered down here some fascinating worlds in video games that are extremely terrible to live in. Let’s come down to our list right below.

Grand Theft Auto

The world of Grand Theft Auto has always been a replica of the world we are living in. There are a lot of locations in the world of Grand Theft Auto that takes inspiration from locations in real life. We have talked about this.

However, there are a lot more crime and terror in the world of Grand Theft Auto than in real life. Liberty City and Los Santos are always filled with criminals, guns, corrupted politicians, reckless celebs. If you actually think about it, goodness and kindness are extremely rare in all Grand Theft Auto games. You can be driving and chilling inside your car when a total stranger physically stops your car, pulls you out and gives you a series of punches in the face. Then he will drive off your sight while you are lying on the street, nobody bothers to notice and help you.

You will not want this to happen outside your house

If that is not a modern hell on earth, then we do not know what is.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The AI industry has been developing really fast in recent years, so the fear of being taken over by robots is getting bigger and bigger. The AI and robot engineers do not think so (because they still keep working on their projects), but perhaps Horizon Zero Dawn will make them reconsider their decisions.

3079330 Horizonzerodawn E32016 Watchers 1465873622
Please tell me that you have plans to deal with this

Horizon Zero Dawn is the perfect way for AI and robots to take control of our world. Other dark scenarios of the same topic may involve total destruction and havoc due to the wars between robots and humans (the famous Terminator series is a shining example). Those wars will certainly tear down the environment, so the earth will look like a dead planet most of the time. But things are not like that in Horizon Zero Dawn. In this game, the environment is in perfect condition. It is the best weather condition for huge animals – monsters – to roam around. It is also the perfect weather for gamers to feel the vibe of a monster hunt. The only difference here is that you are going to hunt robot monsters.

Or this

If you have played Horizon Zero Dawn, you will know that there are no true protagonists of the game. This game is all about hunting robot monsters, and you are going to die a lot. And that is an extremely normal thing in a surviving world like Horizon Zero Dawn. It is highly unlikely that we are going to end up like that, but we don’t think that we can survive six months in that world, even if we have the best tools and weapons.


We are in the middle of the post-apocalyptic topic right, so let’s look at the world of Fallout series right now. This is a post-apocalyptic caused by nuclear war, so the environment has been badly damaged. In this terrible environment, the radiation effects left behind by nuclear bombs have turned all animals into monsters. And those monsters are extremely bloodthirsty.

Unlike the monsters in Horizon Zero Dawn, monsters in Fallout are flesh monsters, and they all aim for blood. They either kill each other for food, or they hunt down human. With the new powers from the radiation effects, you guys are going to need huge guns and bombs to take out those beasts.

Fo4 Creatures Concept Art
These ones may be even worse than those in Horizon Zero Dawn

We now do hope that politicians all over the world can take a more serious look at the potential of nuclear war. After having finished the Fallout game series, we can’t be sure that we want to be the survivors in that world.


Hey, hey, we have to clarify that being a hero in Dota 2 is an extremely cool thing. Living in the world of Dota 2 is terrible only. All heroes in Dota 2 have amazing powers of their own, and those powers are so cool and fascinating that you can play with them all day. And once you die, you just have to wait a few couples of minutes to come back to life. If all those things sound so incredible, why do we list the world of Dota 2 in this list?

The reason is simple: your lives’ purposes are simple. All you do is trying to destroy the enemies’ base. That is it, nothing more than that. That sounds terrible already, and it will be much more terrible when you have all the cool powers, but you can never use them for any other purposes besides trying to destroy the base of your enemies. So, what is the point of living in that world?

This is it, no more

Any Game with Zombies

Yes, we know that we should list this above right below the world of Fallout. But if you actually think about it, not all zombie video games have a post-apocalyptic world. There are a lot of post-apocalyptic worlds filled with zombies like the one from Dying Light, but we can say for sure that the world in Resident Evil is a post-apocalyptic one.

Nevertheless, we can say for sure that you do not want to deal with zombies. At the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, all the people will be extremely panic, so they will likely kill each other first or injure each other to an extremely vulnerable point. That means your chance of staying as a human is extremely low. You can either be killed or be injured so bad that you have no way to defend yourself from zombies.

We gonna end up like this a lot because we harm each other intentionally

If a zombie apocalypse happens, we recommend a quick and painless death. Staying alive in that world is pure torture, nothing more.