Turned out the rumors about Resident Evil 3 Remake is legit. The game was just officially announced on Sony’s recent State of Play event of 2019. The remake of the third Resident Evil game would be packaged with one additional game, which would be revealed in the following trailer.

Resident Evil 2 Remake was a huge success, with rows upon rows of nominations for the GOTY award of 2019. It has brought the original gameplay of RE to a modern twist - all the previous gameplay improvements of other entries in the franchise were fused into one. That combined with the amazing story and plot twists of Resident evil 2 have resulted in some of the best Resident Evil experience ever, for both old and new fans of the series. Both sides of the story were incorporated into one another, and Mr. X is now the common enemy on that you would have to fight every time.

Previous rumors reveal and official announcements

Rumors for the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3 began just a week ago, with a few cover arts leaked accidentally by the PlayStation Store. Because one of the biggest gaming events of the year, The Game Awards, is coming very soon, fans had been speculating about an official announcement.

Resident Evil3 Nemesis Fan Art 1024x576
The titular Nemesis would be chasing Jill all over the city - and he would be more dangerous than ever

Sony did try to diffuse the rumor at first, however, the sheer quality of the leak has made any attempts of theirs become futile. They then decided to reveal the game outside The Game Awards – during the State of Play event yesterday. It was a rather surprising announcement at first – the game was first introduced as “the campaign module of the upcoming Capcom Game Project Resistance”. This game was announced a few months ago during Tokyo Game Show 2019, touted as a multiplayer survival horror 4vs1 shooter that takes place in the same world as the Resident Evil games, however, there were no direct links to any of the RE games at the time. It turned out that the game is the multiplayer component of RE 3.

49198413313 25858146eb K
Surrounded by the zombie horde at the middle of ground zero - Raccoon City right after the outbreak happen

The above trailer gave us a chasing sequence in which a character is escaping the Nemesis, RE 3’s iconic boss, on first-person POV. The identity of that person was then unveiled to be Jill Valentine, the main character of the game. She is one of the last members of the squad left in Raccoon City after the Zombie Virus outbreak (the original events that caused Resident Evil 1 and 2). While the trailer is in First Person Perspective, RE 3 would use the same combat system as RE 2 Remake, Third Person Perspective over the shoulder.

The designs of Jill in Resident Evil 3 Remake - there would be ways for you to switch back to the original design

Fans of the original game and the series, in general, would definitely be glad to see the original RE 3 characters remake into 2019 standards. In the Story and Characters section, we would list out some theories about how this remake is going to fit into the timeline that RE 2 Remake has created. You shouldn't read it if you want to play the game blind, however.

Release Date, Preorder, and Collector Editions

According to the reveal trailer, Resident Evil 3 Remake would be released on Apr 3, 2020, for the PS4. It is suggested that the PC and Xbox versions would also be released on the same day. If you preorder the game right now, you would get a bonus costume pack that contains the original looks of Jill and Carlos.

3613665 3613453 Resident Evil 3
The preorder bonus and collector editions of the game

The preorder price for the base game is $60, and you have to pay triple that if you want the collector edition, which would come with a statue of Jill, an artbook, a map poster for Raccoon City, and a digital version of the soundtrack.

The aforementioned Resident Evil Resistance would be the multiplayer mode of RE 3 Remake. It would be a 1 vs 4 multiplayer battle, as various survivors going against a single powerful enemy. Capcom has originally tricked fans into believing Project Resistance to be just a Resident Evil themed spinoff, however, it turned out to be a part of RE 3. Below is the trailer for Resistance.

The 4 vs 1 style of gameplay has been done before by Evolve, however, the game died way too soon.

Characters and Story

Based on the information provided by the developers, RE 3 would be more action-based than the previous remake of RE 2. The events of RE 3 is set before and during RE 2’s police station incident. You would take control of protagonist Jill Valentine, a member of S.T.A.R.S, the special force of Raccoon city’s police department. After the events of the original game, she stayed behind to pursuing the leads, investing Umbrella and their connections to the mansion event. Because of that, she eventually gets stuck inside the ground zero of the outbreak and found herself pursued by the Nemesis Tyrant, a special brand of bio zombie. The main task of the Nemesis is to kill all remaining S.T.A.R.S agents before the truth behind Umbrella is brought to light.

3613531 Resident Evil 3 06
Nemesis would be way more dangerous than MR. X

The Mr. X model of the Tyrant was one of the most enjoyable parts of the R2 Remake – it is very likely that the Nemesis would use the same mechanic, but with a few tweaks. According to the producers, Nemesis would be even deadlier than X – he would come with the ability to track Jill more accurately.

49198907491 E3e2840fbf K
Carlos Oliveira looks rather different in the remake

Various other characters also make a return, including the Biohazard Countermeasure team of Umbrella and Brad Vickers, another member of the Alpha S.T.A.R.S team. Interested in more of our video games related posts? Please check this article out for the top 10 Resident Evil games, ranked from worst to best.