If you really dig in the concept and gameplay of the Resident Evil series, you're welcomed to try DAYMARE: 1988. It's a similar game which brings the nostalgic feelings of both the storyline and characters from Resident Evil 2, but still brings some special charming things under its sleeves.

Below is the release trailer of the game, and you can examine what I have mentioned by watching it yourself:

The story of DAYMARE: 1988

DAYMARE: 1988 takes the settings of a modern city, in which a disaster has taken place. A security team is investigating a secret research base when suddenly, a deadly chemical weapon drops out of its container, and release its toxic elements into the city. As a result, the inhabitants here immediately have to take the consequences - either die right away or turn into blood-thirsty zombies.

Daymare 1998 Launch Steam 1
The whole town has turned into zombies!

Tell me that doesn't sound like Resident Evil! You'll step in the shoes of the lucky three survivors - a solider, a pilot and a forest ranger to get through the city filled with zombies. You will have to keep them alive while traveling through this small city and its undead citizen.

First things first, you'll have to take down those creatures before finding any clues on the mystery behind the organization. Then keep track of your resources before moving on to explore this story inspired by the 90s' horror games!

Daymare 1998 Launch Steam 7
Explore this mystery from the views of three characters

Gameplay features

Although DAYMARE: 1988 is a homage to the classic horror games, its gameplay features some outstanding elements. Basically, it's an adventure game, where you will unveil the story through the eyes of the three characters. They are Liev - an operative from H.A.D.E.S who kills everything spooks him out; Sam - the forest ranger who accidentally stuck in this mess and Raven - the pilot that unfortunately crashes his plane near the city.

This approach requires players to see the story from various Points of View, and you'll need all of them to find the mystery. To be more specific, even though they have to get through the same situation, they will have to solve their own problems and gather different clues.

Daymare 1998 Launch Steam 2
Different characters get different clues in the same location

Furthermore, every character holds their own inventory, weapons, and ammo. While it seems not so important, you'll have to rearrange the inventory of all three characters in order to keep going on. This option is not available at any time, so you might want to carefully manage who holding which at first. It's very weird, but I actually enjoy doing so.

The puzzles in DAYMARE: 1988 are not going to be easy either, which requires precisely controlling all three characters. Hence, with limited bullets and save points, expect to spend your nights getting through the same parts again and again. The zombies will always outnumber you, so feel no shame to 'tactically' run away, as sometimes, it's the best option.

Daymare 1998 Launch Steam 9
Don't waste your bullets if you don't need to!

Last but not least, thanks to Unreal Engine 4, the game's visual is a major improvement comparing to the 90s' horror titles. The zombies' details are very carefully portrayed, and shooting them also brings life-like experiences as well. The animation of the shootings and blowing the heads of the undead citizens away will scratch your itches.

Daymare 1998 Launch Steam 5
DAYMARE: 1988 features full-body dismemberment

I highly recommend aiming for the heads, since its will deal the most damage to the zombies. But if you enjoy shooting as much as possible, feel free to target their bodies.

Combining the old-but-gold storyline and gameplay, added the modern visuals on top, DAYMARE: 1988 is a great zombie game to dive in!

Pricing and platforms

DAYMARE: 1998 has already come out on Steam. You can grab it at the price of $29.99.

Daymare 1998 Launch Steam 3
With such beautiful visuals, it's totally worth $30

But if you're not willing to pay before trying it, there's a free demo on Steam which will give you enough experience to decide whether to purchase.