Revealing its first images nearly a year ago, The Black Masses has done a "great" job of making players wait without any further information. And to make up for our long wait, the indie developer Brilliant Game Studios has announced that they'll deliver a free demo of the game soon!

To celebrate this announcement, the developer also gives us a brand new trailer of The Black Masses as well. This time, it is not about shooting zombies anymore. It's about smacking and slashing!

You can see the trailer below for details:

About The Black Masses

The Black Masses takes a fantasy setting, putting you into a strange island. Reigned by a strange black substance, the island is seeing its inhabitants and glooming society turning into brainless creatures. As a result, the island is on the verge of destruction, as proofs of life are gradually disappearing.

The Black Masses Free Demo October 17 5
The mysterious island is on the verge of destruction

Trying to fulfill a request from a mysterious stranger, you'll now take over this case. In order to save the island, you'll have to cleanse the substance and staying alive - if that's possible. With poor equipment by your side, you'll have to head on the possessed inhabitants with everything you've got. Fighting in melee combats is always deadly, but you can't afford to choose either.

The story of The Black Masses has hinted at a lot of details of its gameplay. To be more specific, it's an open-world first-person RPG, in which you'll dive in the 16-kilometer-square island. Your task is to explore this land, getting through the zombies and possessed ones, and get rid of the black substance.

Fighting all of them vigorously is not a good plan since there are hordes of zombies that are always ready to rip you into pieces. Hence, you'll have to build fences and obstacles on the way to prevent them from flooding into you. And if somehow they still manage to, use your parkour skills to get out of the area as soon as possible.

About the combats, The Black Masses will put you in the encounter with enemies from the first-person perspective. Your weapons are very limited and don't expect to use your guns every battle. Instead, you'll have to make use of everything that can be used as a weapon, including bones from the inhabitants. A hammer or a machete is quite luxurious already!

With over 10k zombies, full-body dismemberment and beautiful visuals from Unity Engine, The Black Masses will be a great indie game that you want to look out for!

Release date and supported platforms

The free demo of The Black Masses will drop out on October 17th. The official version of the game doesn't have an official release date yet.

As a small budget title, The Black Masses will only support PC through Steam at launch. Further information on consoles' support is not available yet.