Dustoff Z is an upcoming addition to the popular helicopter action series Dustoff from developer Invictus in which you’ll control a helicopter to fend off threats and rescue civilians. The game just got a new trailer, check it out below:

That ‘Z’ in the title of the game stands for ‘zombies,’ so as you can expect, the zombie apocalypse is in full swing (again!) and now it’s up to you (again!) to swoop in on an helicopter and take the survivors to safety, taking out as many of those annoying walking dead as possible while you’re at it. In fact, that’s one of the best things about Dustoff Z: It features a robust physics system that allows you to utilize various objects in the environment to make different types death traps to absolutely wreck the buggers. Of course, if you prefer the good old method of just simply gunning them down, there’s an extensive arsenal of weapons for you to do that with as well.

Dustoff Z Physics
Use physics to kill zombies


The first time we heard about Dustoff Z was actually at GDC all the way back in March, and judging from the latest trailer, it seems that the game has made a lot of progress since then. We have reasons to believe that it is nearing the finishing line as well, as Invictus has soft-launched an open beta to gather feedback from players and iron out any lingering issues before the final release. If you are interested, you can head over to Testflight to try out the beta version.

Dustoff Z
The game is now in open beta

On the other hand, if testing isn’t your cup of tea and you’d rather just wait for the final product, then don’t forget to stay tuned. It probably won’t be too long before  Dustoff Z officially arrives on the App Store, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated once it does.