Dead Zed is just a wonderful mobile game that features tons of fun with unobtrusive monetization system. Of course, the guns and zombies help a lot, too!

Dead Zed
Dead Zed - a game of endless zombie-slaying fun!


Entering Dead Zed, you find yourself an anonymous survivor in an apocalyptic world full of zombies. Needless to say, you’ve got to restore the Earth to its original state, a world free of the undead. In order to do this, you have to defend against hordes of zombies, one location at a time. For now, let's take a look at the game preview trailer as below:

At the beginning, you have two weapons to protect yourself with. As you progress further in the game, you’ll get to unlock many more, including shotgun, crossbow and assault rifle. The shooter title takes place in first-person point of view, and it works just like any other mobile shooter. That is, you aim towards incoming zombies from a single spot and not moving at all.

Control system

For your information, the control system is pretty simple. You only need to slide the aim target using your thumb and tap the bullet on the left side to shoot. When the clip is empty, simply double tap the shoot button to reload. Generally, this is all the basics of Dead Zed, although every weapon has a unique feeling to it. A crossbow is awesome against further target while the pistol handles things pretty quickly in short range.

Dead Zed
Fence off zombies with your weapons.


Typically, you need to land a few shots to take down a normal zombie. However, you can knock down any zombie by a single headshot. Of course, headshots have never been easy in any shooter title, but it looks and feels extra satisfying to pull off a “Headshot!” in Dead Zed. The word splashed your screen while the zombie head brutally burst into blood. It’s pure delight how the game executed this feature.


Regarding the weapons, it’s possible to upgrade them in every little parts. We’re talking about reload speed, accuracy, ammo and damage. Among those parts, it’s really worth upgrading the accuracy. Why? The better accuracy a weapon has, the less sway there will be. Accuracy upgrades will pull you off with many more headshots in the game.

Dead Zed
Defend your base at all cost. Make the best use out of your weapons!

Ads - every now and then

If there’s a major concern in Dead Zed, it would be the absurd amount of ads are there. Whilst seeing ads boost your potential earnings, it’s really annoying to be surrounded by ads for lots of the time. After a while, it gets frustrating to encounter this over and over again. Purchasing some items from the shop would solve the ads problem, but there’s no such need to grab any IAP in Dead Zed. In fact, even after paying real money to remove ads, you don’t always receive your 50% earning bonus. With that being said, we’d rather see the ads anyway and save ourselves some money.

Dead Zed
After surviving hordes of zombies, you also need to survive insane amount of ads!

Moving on to presentation, Dead Zed feels like a mix of everything. We can agree that the game features a huge variety of cool weapons, but they could be from any shooter on consoles out there. Moreover, the surroundings look pretty tedious and the zombies aren’t in 3D models as well. Of course the game doesn’t look bad, but undoubtedly it could be much better with care.

In summary

Overall, Dead Zed remains a fun game to play with lots of refreshing shooting experience. However, to be honest, the game doesn’t feel worthy for any awards in comparison to many other titles out there. All in all, if you have some free time to spare, Dead Zed still provides tons of solid and fun experience slaying hordes of zombies.