Girl’s War Z is an upcoming gacha RPG that revolves around a group of young girls trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. The game is now up for pre-registration on Google Play.

The story, as is common for games of this type, kicks off when a terrible zombie virus spreads through the entire world, turning the vast majority of the human population into mindless walking corpses. Strangely (and conveniently) enough, only girls younger than 18 are immune, and so they’re left to their own devices in this torn world, struggling to stay alive and trying to find a solution. Check out the trailer below:

The gameplay, meanwhile, also appears to be your typical gacha experience, with summonable characters and purchasable guns. Once you’ve got your hands on a gun, you must decide which of your characters to give it to in order to maximize its effectiveness. And while this is not mentioned, you can expect that each character will have different stats, strengths, and weaknesses too. According to the game’s description on Google Play, every girl has her own buffs to use in combat, so hopefully there’s some depth in that aspect.

Girls War Z Android Artwork Guns
Various characters and guns to collect

That being said, we find the character designs to be… questionable, which is a shame considering that so much of the game’s draw lies in collecting as many characters as you can. The costumes seen here are just too overly cute that it seems totally out of place in such a grim setting, making the whole thing look bizarre. I mean, who in their right mind would wear school uniforms and maid outfits when they are fighting zombies? It seems the sole reason they are designed that way is to appeal to a portion of the male audience, which is, frankly, just cheap.

Girls War Z Android Artwork Characters 1
The character outfits are too cute that they are just totally out of place here

Still, if you are willing to give Girl’s War Z the benefit of the doubt, you can check it out on Google Play and perhaps pre-register if you are really interested.