Koei Tecmo America is very excited to announce Fairy Tail RPG - their new title takes the same settings as the famous anime/manga from Hiro Mashima.

This release also marks the first time a Fairy Tail game launch for the major consoles in the West. Nevertheless, you can see the Dragon Slayer - Natsu Dragneel and his beloved guild in action in the anime-like trailer below:

It's Fairy Tail RPG, Not Fairy Tail Warriors!

As the magical world of Fairy Tail, we can already tell that this Fairy Tail game is going to features magic and guild. However, the developer - Gust - has added RPG to the whole thing, making the game really stand out in the franchise.

In this game, you'll see the whole journey of the most epic guild in Fiore - Fairy Tail. The eccentric mages of the guild - Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza and Happy will have to complete the quests received by the guild, and it will be full of fun, thriller, and power of belief and friendship!

Fairy Tail Rpg Is Bringing The Magic Guild To Pc S
You'll have chances to take on the thrilling quests in the anime by your own hands!

It's also worth to mention that even though the trailer of Fairy Tail RPG looks like another Musou title, it's very likely that it's won't be. We can infer that from the fact that instead of Omega Force, Gust will handle this title. However, there's no official information that for now, so we'll have to wait until Tokyo Game Show to be sure.

Last but not least, Fairy Tail RPG is going to come live under the supervision of Hiro Mashima himself. That means the story, the characters and the world of Fiore will remain the same as what they're in the original anime/manga. Hence, you can expect dark mages, elemental dragons, dragon slayers and their speaking cat pet to appear in this game.

Fairy Tail Rpg Is Bringing The Magic Guild To Pc S
Hiro Mashima will directly supervise this project

Coming to Tokyo Game Show 2019

The publisher Koei Tecmo has confirmed that they'll bring Fairy Tail RPG to Tokyo Game Show 2019. To be more specific, the game will show up at Koei Tecmo's special stage event on September 15, and there will be very likely a trailer showing little parts of gameplay.

Fairy Tail Rpg Is Bringing The Magic Guild To Pc S
Natsu is going to be explosive as always in Tokyo Game Show 2019

If you somehow come to Tokyo at that time, you'll have chances to meet the producers behind the anime and the game there. If you're lucky, you might get a handshake with Sayaka Ohara - Erza's seiyuu as well, as she also showed up at the event.

Fairy Tail RPG is coming out at some times in 2020. At launch, it will support Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC through Steam.