Goku is back in action with Bandai Namco Entertainment's upcoming RPG - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Along with the game's release plan, the publisher has released a two-minute-long trailer, featuring the nostalgic fights in the movie.

You can watch it with us right here to give Goku more powers:

Potentially the first Dragon Ball Z title to have open-world action RPG gameplay

If you have been dreaming of a Dragon Ball Z game that doesn't bring you straight up to 2D fights, then your dreams are coming true.

Receiving the acceptance from the creator Akiya Toriyama, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will bring you into the open-world of the Saiyans and friends. The game was the final product of the project Dragon Ball Project, from the hand of CyberConnect 2. And it's nothing like any previous titles from the Dragon Ball franchise!

Goku can do whatever he wants now with this open-world title
Goku can do whatever he wants now with this open-world title

Almost every previous game of the Dragon Ball series was full of one-on-one battles. As a result, fans have been really eager to experience new features that allow them to dip into the story deeper.  That's why Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will bring the new breath to the whole series.

You're still controlling the titular character Goku ("which they called Kakarot"), but not go straight to fight yet! He doesn't just fight! He also, fish, eat and fly, and train, too. The game will allow you and Goku to explore the expansive open-world, doing just the normal thing that Goku does every day. That includes fishing with his tail, taking challenges, finding and completing light-hearted sidequests, etc.

The story stills spins around Goku, but you can choose whether to follow it right away. Or you can choose to spend your time living the life of the legendary Saiyan. Although finding the balance between them might be the best way to enjoy the game, it all depends on you!

Just like a Dragon Ball GTA V 's mod!

But can a GTA mod do this?
But can a GTA mod do this?

The creator Akiya Toriyama proudly stated about the upcoming title:

“This game brings the Dragon Ball universe to life, and I’m sure fans will truly be able to take a deep dive into the world. I hope you enjoy the game,”

Featuring the “most dramatic and epic telling of the Dragon Ball Z”

From the trailer, you can already see some of the most epic fights in the anime. The emotional fight of Goku against Radditz, Frieza, Cell, etc will all come to this title with cel-shaded graphics.

The wicked antagonists are back!
The wicked antagonists are back!

Players will have chances to blend in the original story, join in the crew and experience all the actions that our favorite characters do. That's a brand new way of telling the Dragon Ball Z through games, as the previous titles only featured heavy story-driven gameplay that didn't let you make your own decisions.

With Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you can explore the story not only from the main quest but also the side quests as well. You can dig in the life of other characters such as Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo, etc every time you want!

Sidequests will be an important part of story-telling
Sidequests will be an important part of story-telling

But don't worry if the game will be focusing too much on the exploration elements. Your favorite fighting gameplay still exists, with magnificent skills, the destructible environment, and even epic bosses as well.

All things considered, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will mark an important milestone of gameplay changing for the future titles to follow. Or in short, it will be over 9000!

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Release date and supported platform

The game will come out in early 2020 and will support PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (sad news for Switch users).

We will announce to you immediately when the game releases!