Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

Coming from the famous Bandai Namco Entertainment, the latest entry to the franchise Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, is so-called an RPG-combines-game. The game will come out this April for PC Windows and Nintendo Switch player, they also said this release will be the first mark of this franchise title on the international market.

Unlike any predecessors in the franchise, this new game will be totally out of the scope of your traditional Dragon Ball game. Within this game world, you will take on the role of Beat, a man lives in Hero Town, and he decided to go on an adventure and took part in the meta-game of World Misson. To summarize, this mission is all about becoming the best player in  Super Dragon Ball Heroes card game. But unfortunately, his desire for fame and power in the in-game has leaked to the outside world, which brings the fighting to the real world.

A card strategy game

This will be a card strategy game, where the player locates the characters on a ring and launches attacks against the opponent with Quick Time Events animation increased. damage level. In addition to character cards, there are support cards to help improve your character's rate and upgrade.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes A New Rpg Card Game In Th
7 vs 7 battle

Overall, this Dragon Ball game is quite different from other games. Instead of focusing only on pure cardinal battles, it will revolve around 7 vs 7 battles with the various Dragon Ball brand characters summoned from the cards.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes A New Rpg Card Game In Th

You could expect the comeback of characters like Vegeta, Trunks, and Goku to come and help the protagonist out. Not like the original version which launched in Japan arcade last summer, this one will have a more RPG taste spin. Moreover,  this new version will not require the actual card to launch the game.

According to the plan, the game includes more than 1,160 cards with about 350 characters and online game support for gamers to have a low chance to compete.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes A New Rpg Card Game In Th
A card game

Bandai Namco has confirmed that Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will attack the Western market on April 5, 2019, just one day after the Nintendo Switch owner and PC in Japan acquired it.