Dragon Ball FighterZ is having a new warrior to join and it seems like Jiren, a ground-breaking powerful individual appeared as the antagonist sometime in the series. In spite of the fact that the developer of the game and its distributor Bandai Namco have not announced the appearance of Jiren yet, an image from famous magazine Shonen Jump has seemed to feature him online.

The picture, which is shown beneath, highlights Goku fighting against Jiren, which reminds us of their fights in the anime. The game's logo is included close by them, but no official announcement of Jiren's appearance.

Dragon Ball FighterZ on Shonen Jump
The picture captured from Shonen Jump.

Last Thursday, it was revealed that more details about the DLC of Dragon Ball FighterZ would be uncovered at its World Tour Finals, which occur on this Saturday and Sunday. Bandai Namco notably confirmed that Universe 11's warrior will join the game, supporting the idea that it could be Jiren.

DLC of the game besides Jiren have not been affirmed for now, yet we can expect more. The game has turned out to be prominent among battling games enthusiasts and was a great draw at EVO last year. These are considered great news for the developer team.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was additionally gotten well by many trustworthy critics. While GameSpot granted it a 9/10, saying it is "a DB battling game that is able to be equal to the best title of its genre," famous critic Peter Brown depicted it as a distinct and enjoyable game yet still gain the love of DB's aficionados.

Regard of more DLC detail, its publisher is relied upon to discuss other DB games this weekend. The studio has affirmed that another Dragon Ball-based RPG is being developed, and the series' aficionados are no uncertainty planning to gather as much information of that as possible.

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