About a month ago we reported that Lords Watch – a new tower defense game with RPG elements integrated – was coming to Android, and now, the game is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. While there is still no exact release date confirmed yet, we can expect it to launch globally relatively soon, given that it is already soft-launched in Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, and Chile.

So, as mentioned, this will be a tower defense game with RPG elements. Instead of using towers, you’ll pick 5 heroes before entering a level and will have to strategically position them at different locations around the map. Check out a short gameplay video of Lords Watch below for a demonstration:

There's quite a sizable roster to pick from as well, with more than 50 heroes with different stats and abilities. Similarly, the game will also feature plenty of levels to play through, with over 300 expected to make it to the final game.

Lords Watch Heroes
There will be a big roster of heroes and plenty of levels

It also aims to get the player involved more than in the traditional tower defense game. During each stage, you must choose to have your heroes attack or defend and can change this at any moment to adapt to the situation at hand. This is a nice idea that gives players more to do than just put units down then sit back and watch things play out.

Lords Watch Android Gameplay 1
The game gives players more to do than just put units down then sit back and watch things play out.

It seems like there will be PVP as well, which include at least 4 different modes with names like Mysterious Corridor and Nightmare Vale. However, not a lot of details about these modes are available right now. Still, we do know that in one of these modes you’ll be able to control the invading units instead of the usual tower setup.

Lords Watch is open for pre-registration right now on Google Play. There is no information on the launch date or monetization model at the moment, but we can expect it to be a free title with IAPs.