As of now, PUBG Mobile in India is no longer simply just a video game but it has become a hobby with a huge community who play and support the game. With the friend-making feature and the chat feature right inside the game, people can easily talk, make friends with each other. Many people had earned their long-lasting friendship through playing the game together, some even found their significant other and got married thanks to the game. However, there are good people as well as bad bad people in any community. If you are not careful, they will take advantage of your trust and turn against you.

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PUBG Mobile has grown into a community in India

Last week, in Hyderabad, the police reported a blackmail case concerning PUBG Mobile. A 21-year-old young man threatened a minor girl, whom he played PUBG Mobile with, to give him money to he will post false pictures of her on the internet. Here are the details of the case.

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A 21-year-old man blackmailed a minor girl in PUBG Mobile

According to a Cyber Crime police officer in Hyderabad. This man met the girl while playing PUBG Mobile. He got acquainted with her and got her phone number. A few days later, he asked the girl for pictures of her and she sent some to him through Whatsapp. After that, he said that he would use these pictures to make false images of her and post them on the social media of she didn't send him money. The girl then told her problem to her brother, who reported the case to the police.

Girls need to be careful with strangers on the internet and should not send them your information

The blackmailer has been arrested and is now being kept in police remand while the police are doing further investigation.