Playing games online is seen purely as entertainment, but it is sometimes a joy to play with friends and family who cannot meet each other every day to play. With proper guidelines, online video games can turn out to be a fantastic way to engage children.

Parents must understand that playing certain kinds of online games can improve children’s creativity and strategic thinking skills. In multiplayer games, the art of resilience, perseverance to win the goal, and patience is built. Communication skills are also improved when a multilingual environment is exposed.

Ludo King

In recent times, there have been a few online cross and circle games that are becoming popular not only among children but also among adults. Online ludo is one such game that’s been played worldwide. It is said to be played in different forms in various countries and has its origin in the Mahabharata days in India.

Ludo is an interesting game that can be played online these days. Sometimes, the winners get exciting rewards and cash prizes also.

Playing Ludo Online

When playing ludo offline, there are some requirements, such as a ludo board, a dice and 4 tokens for each player. While playing online ludo, one just requires to have a network connection and a mobile or computer to play it online and enjoy. The goal is to take all four tokens to the center of the house. In the case of multiple players, after the winner, the other players continue the game to decide the runner-ups.

Tricks to win at online Ludo

Get to know all the rules first

  • The first and foremost rule is to roll a six in order to release the tokens from the starting point. On having a six, the player gets another chance to roll the dice. But 3 consecutive sixes will end the player's chance.
  • When the current player’s token lands on the square that already has the opponent’s token, then the opponent’s tokens are sent back to the base, i.e., the start of the game.
  • When two coins of the same player are found in the same square, then other players are restricted from playing there.
  • When a player takes an opponent’s token, he gets a new chance.
  • All the players get equal chances and play in a clockwise manner.

Bring all the tokens out of the base

To win faster, it’s important for all 4 tokens to come onto the board. Only then can all the tokens reach the triangular home at the center according to their colors.

Make the opponent’s tokens move to the base

Strategically playing Ludo can help in moving the correct token to cut the token movement towards the center and send them back to the starting point. This provides better chances to win the game, though the dice are random.

Being patient and having fun

Since Online Ludo is a computer-based dice rolling game, we can make decisions only on the token to be moved accordingly. Being patient and thinking about the right move is important in Ludo. Even in an unfavorable situation, it’s important to have fun with the game and enjoy it.

If someone wishes to play Ludo online, it’s important to go through the above content. This can increase the success rate by gaining insights into the existing system.

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