As part of the OB22 or June 2020 update, Free Fire receives a new character with a strange name, Wolfrahh. Free Fire Wolfrahh is someone very familiar to a lot of us, as he is a streamer and a professional gamer. This 19-year-old man is very sociable on his streams who is famous for his wolf cries.

Free Fire Wolfrahh Character Abblty Test Full Details Garena

But why does the character call himself Wolfrahh? What does his name mean? What are the facts about Wolfrahh? For those of you who want to get to know Wolfrahh better, check out the profile and interesting facts of Wolfrahh below!

Free Fire Wolfrahh Biography

  • Real Name: Leif
  • Nickname: Wolfrahh
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Date of Birth: April 29, 2016
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Job: Video game streamer
  • Hobbies: Hacking, posting videos on Instagram, bring with friends

Free Fire Wolfrahh Personality

  • He is very passionate and easily excited
  • He is very sociable, even if somewhat fussy
  • He is easily shocked and scared

Free Fire Wolfrahh Skills

  • FPS Gaming: belongs to a class of professional players, has very fast reflexes
  • Programming: good enough
  • Public speaking: excellent, good at communicating through social media

Free Fire Wolfrahh Character Abblty Test Full Details Garena

Free Fire Wolfrahh Name Meaning

Wolfrahh comes from a combination of two words, which are "Wolf" and "Rahh".

  • Wolf: Wolf is a part of his persona. When streaming, he wears a shirt with a wolf accent. Every time he gets a kill, he will celebrate it by howling like a wolf.
  • Rahh: Rahh comes from King Ghidorah, a monster resembling a 3-headed dragon that often appears in the Kaiju film genre. Kaiju is a well-known Japanese film genre that features giant monsters like Godzilla.

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Free Fire Wolfrahh Character Background


Born Leif, Wolfrahh came from a modest family. He is a smart kid, but prefers to spend time on the internet and playing games. His mother did not like that he was so lazy.

Multiplayer Gaming and Live Streaming

He first started playing multiplayer FPS games when he was in high school. Thanks to his skills, he started streaming and immediately became popular.

Free Fire Wolfrahh Update Whats Up Free Fire Ep 01 1 33 Scr

He likes to dress up like a wolf so people are afraid of him, although Wolfrahh himself is easily frightened. Like his nickname, Wolfrahh, he will howl like a wolf every time he gets a kill while playing.


He is a viral streamer figure in the community. He is liked by fans all over the world thanks to his quirky and witty personality.

Joining Cibernetica

Wolfrahh wanted to do something more than just playing games. He used his knowledge in computers to search for Cibernetica, a secret hacking group. He passed the entrance test and joined the hackers' group.

Relationship with Other Free Fire Characters

  • Joseph: Joseph's company is a sponsor of Wolfrahh. He uses a special controller manufactured by Joseph's company.
  • Moco: Initially, Moco doubted Wolfrahh's ability. However, Wolfrahh managed to prove to Moco that he also had excellent knowledge about computers. Moco taught Wolfrahh how to hack.

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