As of today, June 3, 2020, Garena is having a major maintenance for Free Fire. The time duration for the implementation of Free Fire maintenance today is unknown or when it is finished, because it can be seen from the updates that there will be a lot of new changes to this game. So for all of us who think this is a problem, you must be patient to wait for the maintenance to finish.

Free fire not open under maintenance process || Free Fire maintenance

The main goal of the Free Fire maintenance process is for introducing various new things in the game, then the process will usually fix various bugs in the Free Fire game and provide a good solution that compensates in the form of items after the process is complete.

Free Fire is undergoing maintenance which will certainly provide lots of updates and patches to improve their game's performance. Whether it's as an increase in performance, patches, updates, the optimization will be the goal of patching and updating the game.

Now the best way to wait for maintenance is to do something else. Because when the process takes place, you cannot play Free Fire at all. In which case, what are some tips that can help you wait for the maintenance process to complete in Free Fire? That is what we will be looking into as well.

Of course, waiting for such a long time would be quite boring if there is no Free Fire to play. So if you are a Booyah lover who is tired of waiting for Free Fire maintenance to complete, let's look at how to overcome boredom during Free Fire maintenance below!

What to Do During Free Fire Maintenance

Learn and Study

For the Free Firers who are still in school, you can use this time to study harder than before. This period maintenance is perfect for studying either academically or non-academically. But do not forget to take a break while studying so as not to feel overstressed.

Hard work or overburdened? Indian students spend long hours on Free Fire maintenance

Do Exercise and Yoga

Exercise and Yoga can increase endurance and mind power. The activities also vary, from easy to difficult. You can do various types of regular exercising such as push-ups, sit-ups, back-ups, pull-ups, and other types of yoga practice. It is recommended to exercise in the morning and evening and do it regularly.

Delhi: International Yoga fest to begin today | Free Fire maintenance

Watch Free Fire Content on YouTube

Various Free Fire content is on YouTube. There are good gameplay content, Elite Pass features, events, tips, and tricks, funny videos, everything is on YouTube. You can also watch Free Fire content from new channels or your own favorite channels. Of course, this is very relevant to Free Fire as you wait for the maintenance to finish.

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Free Fire maintenance

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