Free Fire is a great Battle Royale game loved by many players all around the world, full of curiosities and extensive maps to explore. As the game is so popular with millions of players, there are bound to be many questions from the FF community.

So for this article we are gonna address many common questions and try to provide answers to all those uncertainties. We will try to be accurate, but of course it's never guaranteed that the answers can be 100% correct. Regardless, we hope that this Free Fire FAQ article will be helpful to you. Anyway, let's begin:

1. Are there hackers in Free Fire?

This question is essential to clarify before the others. And the truth is that there are hackers in Free Fire, but they are not hackers as such, in fact, it is not technically correct to call them "hackers". To be more precise, a hacker is a person with a lot of computer knowledge who can access and manipulate third-party computer systems.

If there were real hackers in Free Fire, they could make changes to the game, like adding unicorns or crazier things.

The alleged Free Fire hackers do not manipulate the Garena servers or anything like that. In fact, it is unlikely to happen. Not to mention, it is an illegal act and they could be imprisoned in some countries.

With this in mind, we can say that there are hacks in Free Fire, but it's not correct to call the cheaters "hackers". And the hacks are themselves called "bots", "scripts" or "mods". Bots are computer programs that fulfill a certain task and can emulate human behavior. How bots work is beyond our own knowledge, but we can explain in a few words what bots do.

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One of the ways bots work is via connecting mobile devices to the computer and transfer each frame of the game to it. A frame is an image of the game at a point in time. The sequence of these images creates the mobility effect of the game.

The computer, with the information of each frame of the game, analyzes all the data, and by means of artificial intelligence, detects the position of each player who is within an established range. And the program, in addition to knowing the location of the opponents, also knows the exact place where each one's head is.

When the program locates that part of the body, it automatically shoots the characters for a headshot. Something like this can be replicated so that the program fulfills other functions. For example, taking advantage of all the camera angles to "see through walls."

2. How does Garena fight cheaters?

It is difficult to remove hacks and bots from the game. This task takes a lot of time and money. The main problem is that for Garena it can be complicated: how can you detect if there is program running or not?

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So the solution is relying on stats. For headshots, what you can do is record the number of headshots a user makes relative to the number of shots. For example, if a person shoots 200 times, and gets 200 headshots, there is undoubtedly something strange.

When this kind of player is detected, they would usually go on a “blacklist”, that is soon reviewed by a supervisor of the company. However, if the bot is subtle, detecting it is difficult. Although you should not worry about this. All online shooters have bots and no company has yet to eliminate them entirely. What devs do is put a lot of effort in reducing them and avoiding them.

3. Why does a car hit me if it is several meters away from me?

Surely it has happened to you that a car, passing you, has hit you without being near. If you are wondering why, it is easy to answer. Although you think that car has not touched you, the truth is that it did. The problem is that you have no way of assessing it. This doesn't happen often, mostly when the game ping is a little high.

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The reason for the problem, along with internet instability, lies in the textures. Textures are bitmaps that are applied to an "object" for realism. And Free Fire's textures aren't the best (that's why the game runs on almost any device), and a jerky movement can cause them to skip or lag.

The person who is inside the vehicle has more advantages since the opponent who gets hit does not move quickly enough. On the other hand, the person who is on the outside can see the car. When the speed of the car is very high, its textures begin to "jump". So you cannot see the exact position of the vehicle.

Consequently, you are shocked that you die without being "hit", although that is only from your point of view. Because the textures of the game are not updated at the moment, the solution to this problem is to play with stable internet. We expect this to happen less often when Free Fire Max comes out.

4. Why do I do multiple headshots to the enemy and he doesn't die?

When you do a lot of damage to the enemy, and he does not die, it is because of the stability of the internet that fluctuates a lot. This means that in one second you can have a good signal, and the next you cannot.

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So, these oscillations make the game refresh the screen of your mobiles, that is, to update what's going on. But they do not allow sending information of your actions to Garena's servers .

Let's explain it better with an example. Imagine that you do a headshot, at that moment, if the internet is not fast, your screens will refresh, and will show the damage numbers that you have done, but it will not be enough to send or receive information from the servers.

As a result, two things happen:

  • You made the kill , but you did not receive the message that you eliminated X person.
  • You thought you did the headshot, but the internet signal was very weak, and you didn't receive information from the servers, so the enemy was probably not there, but you didn't know it.
    Some people would complain: "I shot an enemy in the head several times and he did not die, and he killed me a few seconds later." And they consider that person to be a hacker.

It is a mistake to think that. What happened in that situation is that the players did not have a good internet connection, and did not realize that the opponent was not at the site where they were shooting. The enemy, who did have stable internet, was able to eliminate them easily.

And this question and the previous one are related to the ping of the game, which we will talk about now.

5. What is Free Fire ping?

In computing, ping is an indicator that shows the connection status between a local host and a server. Simply put, ping diagnoses the speed and quality of the internet. The ping in Free Fire can be found in the upper left, on the right side of the mini-map, of each game you play. The ping is shaped like the typical WiFi icon.


The numbers on the side are the indicators. If these numbers are above 450, the game could suffer lag. If it exceeds 999, you are literally not playing, every action you do in the game is invalid. So ideally, the ping should be below 300 if you want to play smoothly.

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