Call of Duty Warzone introduced a new Battle Royale game mode called Plunder, where players are tasked with making as much money as possible to win. This guide will help players easily collect cash in Call of Duty Warzone Plunder.

Call of Duty Warzone Plunder

Call of Duty Warzone surprised everyone when it was announced that Activision, the publisher behind Call of Duty, would launch a completely separate and free Battle Royale experience for players to enjoy. Regardless of whether players own Call of Duty Modern Warfare, they can play Call of Duty Warzone without paying a dime.

Like many modern Battle Royale games, players are thrown into a massive arena charged with taking on each other until there is one player/team remaining. Call of Duty's Strict control scene and tactical shooting experience make it a no-brainer for the Battle Royale fans.

The series initially entered the Battle Royale genre with Call of Duty Black Ops 4 with its Blackout mode, but players needed a copy of the game to play this game mode. For the first time, Call of Duty becomes completely free with this addition.

In addition to the Battle Royale game mode, the game features Plunder, a new game mode in which players are tasked with collecting as much cash as possible. This guide will help players easily earn money in the new game mode.

Call of Duty Warzone Plunder

Unlike Battle Royale mode, in COD Warzone Plunder players can respawn after being killed. This is a great introduction for gamers who want a more informal gaming experience and a place to learn the mechanics of how everything works.

The rules of this game mode are that players are tasked with collecting a total of $1 million around the map. In 30 minutes, players can steal, collect, and capture rewards. If a team has raised more than $1 million dollars, the game enters an overtime mode where each dollar has double the value.

The winner of the game is selected by the team with the most money at the bottom of the counter. Players drop cash when they are eliminated, but have the option to put the money in a bank that is located all over the map, ensuring that their funds are not stolen.

Also, deposit balloons can be purchased to make a hasty deposit. There are many ways to make easy money on Plunder and this COD Warzone Plunder guide will break each one down.

Finding Money in Call Of Duty Warzone Plunder

Around the map are large amounts of cash that can be collected without engaging in combat. This pile of money generally ranges from $1000 and is usually generated inside treasure chests or near weapons. Players can completely avoid combat and focus on collecting small bundles of cash to accumulate a larger amount.

Call of Duty Warzone Plunder

Call of Duty Warzone Plunder tips: This is one of the easiest ways to earn money in this game mode, but it is the one that takes the longest, as it can take time to secure the hidden money on the map. This is a perfect method for players who plan to hide for most of the game.

Defeating Those Who Earn the Most in Call Of Duty Warzone Plunder

After a while, in the game mode, the game will expose the players with the highest amounts of money. Their locations will be freely highlighted on the map and marked with a red crown logo. What makes it a loose location is that the location is not updated in real-time and will give a general area of ​​where these players are.

It is important to mention that all other players are notified of these locations when it happens, which means that there will be competition to kill the top earners. The game also highlights the three highest winners in a game. When this happens, these players will most likely hide to protect their loot.

For your COD Warzone Plunder tips, It is important to play calmly and strategically, since going guns blazing will kill the player and lose several of his loot.

Completing Contracts in Call Of Duty Warzone Plunder

This works like a mix between defeating the top earners and finding money in the wild. Contracts can be located in random locations and their function is to defeat another player. The contract will provide a player's location and request that he be killed for a large fee.

Call of Duty Warzone Plunder

This is a bit easier than defeating the top earners, as the contract is only locked to the team that finds it instead of the rest of the game and it also gives a smaller radius of where the reward is. The payout is typically massive and only works with killing an individual player rather than an entire team.

Look for these little yellow boxes that instruct the player to eliminate a specific player for easy money. The COD Warzone Plunder strategy here lies in the ability of the players to eliminate them.

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