Call of Duty: Warzone has brought us a new and exciting Battle Royale experience, which we can also play as solo. Playing alone is the ultimate test you will have as a true BR survivor, because you are always facing danger. The only that remains is to trust in your abilities, but there are some things that can help you, such as being well equipped on the battlefield. For this article, we'll give you the best loadout for solo mode.

We are going to tell you which weapons you must carry alone, which perks and what equipments are the best to enjoy and win solo games. Remember that there is no specific formula, but we assure you that this combination is very powerful.

Primary Weapon

One of the best weapons you can equip alone is the SMG MP7. High rate of fire, very significant damage, and little recoil that does not make the weapon useless are some of its strengths. You can equip this weapon with a monolithic silencer, a 40mm Recon launcher, a laser sight, a 60-round magazine, and a stock of your choice.

Best SMG Warzone | SMG Loadout Guide | GGRecon call of duty: warzone season 3 best loadout
The MP7 absolutely shreds in this game right now

Secondary Weapon

For secondary weapons there are two options, one is anti-vehicle with great firepower like the RPG and the other the .357 revolver in dual wield mode, which will allow you to destroy your enemies in short distances. Both options have their pros and cons, but they are the best right now.

Warzone】.357 Snub Nose - Barrel Stats【call of duty warzone season 3 best loadout
Dual-wielding the .357 turns you into an invincible cowboy at close range

Best Call of Duty: Warzone Perks

  • E.O.D.: You take less damage from explosives except for kills and fire streaks.
  • Ghost: You are undetectable to UAVs, heart radars, or drones. Killstreaks are not affected by this advantage.
  • Amped: Swap weapons faster and reload speed is higher for the rocket launcher but does not affect swapping pistols or knives.
call of duty: warzone season 3 best loadout perks list - the best Warzone perks and what ...
The above perks make you into an efficient killing machine

Lethal and tactical equipment

  • C4 explosives with which to finish off enemies who are left unprotected or to intimidate enemies in areas that you are defending.
  • Heartbeat Sensor to detect our enemies and determine their position and proximity.
call of duty warzone season 3 best loadoutC4を乗り物にくっつけられるのか検証!【小技】 | ゲーム ...
Use C4s to help defend your locations from intruders

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