Call of Duty Warzone, the free Battle Royale version of Modern Warfare, has been a massive success. It reached 30 million players in the span of days – mostly because pretty much everyone has been practicing social distancing a.k.a stay at home and play games. This turned out to be a great chance for people to nurture the gaming skills of their kids – Rogan, a 5 years old boy has become an absolute beast in this popular battle royale game, under the direction of his father.

Don’t let his baby voice and cute face fool you – this Call of Duty: Warzone kid prodigy could quick scope and headshot you before you could realize what’s even happening. The little guy has been playing video games since 3 – this is probably why he has gained such an extreme level of skill to actually compete with the best of pro players.

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Rogan on his rig - the kid plays Warzone using a controller

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To prove to people that Rogan is the one who is doing all the tricks, his dad even set up another camera facing Rogan’s hands and controller to record the kid’s action when he performs all those tricky shots and actions.

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Their twitch stream was packed full of astounded people because of that. This father & son gamer duo really makes us appreciate this social distancing period – people get more time to spend with their family.

The little guy has been communicating with FaZe clan, one of the biggest Esports organization for FPS games such as Fortnite and Apex. It is probably just a matter of time before Rogan gets a call to join them, as he has even taken on the owner of FaZe, Apex, in a 1vs1 match and come out victorious.

Rogan frequently going against pros from FaZe

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