There have been a few sightings of this around the City in Call of Duty: Warzone from the Port of Verdansk, inside the two-story "Gardar" building. The bug has given cheaters a way to eliminate unsuspecting players without a chance to defend themselves. Some are thinking it could be due to a Call of Duty Warzone hack free.

call of duty warzone hack free
Some COD Warzone players have discovered a new wall glitch

One of the worst things about this hoax is that it doesn't appear to be the work of a third-party hacker. It is not through Call of Duty Warzone hack download that you can achieve this. By using an exploit to enter the walls, it appears that any player can enter the parameters of the building.

Thanks to this glitch a player remains protected with the ability, not only to see within the many rooms and hallways of the building, but also to have the ability to shoot within them.

Call of Duty Warzone hack free using walls

From the user 'Cheeky-Bean' perspective, it looked as if he had entered a roof-mounted invisible turret as he was greeted with a barrage of gunfire moments after entering the building's open doors. But the death chamber moments later revealed a couple of players killing him through the walls.

call of duty warzone hack free reddit
The new wall glitch is almost like a hack as it allows you to kill others while inside walls

"In order to sneak into the walls as we continue to see, they are abusing the flaws that are in-game around the world," user 'sir_lurkzalot' commented in response to the clip. "They are due to oversight by developers. Now that people have figured out how to do it in one or two places, they are looking to see if the same methods work elsewhere."

This is something the Warzone community would like to see fixed, as it makes it almost impossible to beat players using the bug.

But the ruling is just one example of how players have cheated in the game using Call of Duty Warzone hack free. The problem has gotten so out of control lately that developers have had to tackle what they are doing to get rid of hackers.

In war there is no place for cheats. For Activision it is very clear, and for this reason they have started a massive banning campaign for all players who dare to use any type of advantage in games. And obviously we are not referring to requesting a UAV or approach radar. We are talking about illegal software.

Call of Duty Warzone hack free - Aimbots

Unfortunately the use of prohibited software dates back many years, before current Call of Duty Warzone hack free types. The oldest Counter-Strike veterans will remember those cheats that can achieve instant victories using accessories that allowed them to shoot directly at the head of their enemy. Well, all of this still exists, and games like Call of Duty: Warzone are tainted by these kinds of practices.

To give you an idea of ​​how the so-called aimbots works, in the following video you will see a user with a patch installed in the game. As the video allows you to see, all the players in the game are perfectly marked and identified, so at all times you are able to know if you have an enemy nearby, including those inside buildings.

But the worst thing happens when shooting, when the software is in charge of aiming automatically at the head to finish off the enemy in a matter of a couple of shots. The effectiveness is total, since this player destroys entire teams with astonishing ease.

Cod Warzone hack free being tracked down

As you can imagine, these types of players are a cancer for games. The games are completely unbalanced, and the fun is completely lost, so Activision is not willing to tarnish the success and reputation that its excellent Battle Royale is reaping.

With the idea of ​​protecting players, Activision maintains a permanent fight against all these malicious players, and since the launch of Warzone, the number of users banned by this type of practice has exceeded more than 50,000 users. If you are thinking of using Call of Duty Warzone hack unknowncheats, you could end up on that list.

To achieve this, the company has a security team that monitors data 24 hours a day with the intention of identifying infractions, and once found, they are analyzed and detected if they have been using so-called aimbots, wallhacks and other types of software aids.

Call of Duty Warzone hack PC ruining experience

Since this type of tricks requires the installation of third-party software, but Call of Duty Warzone hack free only exists on PC, although considering that Warzone offers cross-platform play, in the end it is all Warzone users and players who are affected. Activision will regularly inform you of the number of bans that will be applied as it continues to strengthen security measures, in order to try to make players aware of not cheating, or else they will be left without playing forever.

It has gone on for several weeks that the multiplayer of these two games is having serious problems, partly because of the crossplay, since it makes PC players (more likely to use aimbots and hacks in general) to be present in all games. The situation has reached such a point that many console players are disabling the Call of Duty Warzone crossplay to avoid playing with these cheaters.

The fact is that like many multinationals that hire hackers to test and improve their security, Activision can benefit from the advice that one of these cheaters has given to the creators of Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare.

cod warzone hack free
Call of Duty Warzone hack free: Hacker stats page explains how cheating is explained by suspicious stats

As Dexerto tells us, a Reddit user named DeclanH23 has given several tips for Activision and Inifinity Ward to track down these hackers and remove them once and for all. A hacker gives Activision tips to avoid cheats in Call of Duty Warzone thanks to their experience with these cheats in other shooters like Battlefield 4 or online games like GTA Online.

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